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5 Great Things About Having a Baby Girl

5 Great Things About Having a Baby Girl

Most parents don’t mind the sex of their baby, as long as the baby comes out healthy and alive. Some parents on the other hand secretly wish for a baby girl or boy. If you’ve just found out that you’re expecting a baby girl (or secretly hoping you are), here are some very cute reasons that will get you excited about having a baby girl.

1: The Clothes

Those endless rows of frilly dresses, floral shorts and gorgeous little skirts are yours! Well technically they belong to your girl. Baby girl clothes are undeniably cuter than little boys’ clothes.¬†You get to go shopping with your adorable mini me and actually enjoy it.

2: The Tiny Hair Accessories

The headbands, and the glittery clips, and the floral crowns (especially the floral crowns) are more great reasons why mums of little girls always get to have all the fun!

3: She’ll Be Your Mini-Me

There’s a reason why men want sons and women want daughters ‚Äď it’s simply because the idea of having a ‘mini-me’ is so appealing. You grew up as a girl, so may find the idea of having a girl more appealing, or just be excited at having a little prodigy of your own that you can train and groom.

4: You’ll Know What She Is Going Through

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You’ve ¬†been a little girl, and you have experienced puberty, love and friendship as a little girl. This will undoubtedly make you feel like you are better equipped to relate to a little girl, simply because you have experienced everything that your daughter may go through physically. (just wait till she turns 16 & tells you “you have no idea how i feel’).

5: She Will Dress Up As You

After hours of watching you get dressed everyday, put on your make-up, brush your hair, when she’s reached that toddler stage she will force her tiny feet into¬†your high heeled shoes, slip some bangles on her wrist, and cart a handbag around the house with her. The first time she does this, your heart might just literally melt because your baby girl wants to be exactly like you.


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