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Dear MIMsters: I’m 30 years old but I look like 50 due to my husband’s double standards

Dear MIMsters: I’m 30 years old but I look like 50 due to my husband’s double standards

I’m 30 years old. I have been married for 3 years now and God has blessed my marriage with a beautiful baby who is one year old. My husband is a caring and responsible man but the problem I’m having with him is that I don’t trust him at all due to his double standards.

As soon as we got married, he banned me from wearing trousers. He also banned me from dressing well to look good. He said how can his wife be wearing make up, trousers and attachments when he’s a worker in the church? What I am confused about is that I used to wear all these things before we got married and he was fully aware.

Look at me now, I really look older than my age. I can’t go out with my mates anymore all because of my marriage.

To add to my worry, it is obvious that my husband doesn’t have a male friend. All his friends are female and they all wear trousers, make up, attachments and wigs, and here I am, sitting at home and looking like mama 50, and he hardly have sex with me. If he eventually does, it’s like once in 4 months after so much persuasion. For these reasons, I do not to trust him. I think he is having extra marital affairs.

I need your advice on how to handle this as I want to go back to the “real me.” I can no longer keep tying wrapper, wearing long skirts and applying only white powder. Please tell me how to handle this amicably without having problems.

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  • How is this man responsible and caring? I think people misunderstand what responsible and caring means. You need to stand your ground oh. Why didn’t he marry a woman who doesn’t do makeup or wear trousers? The mistake you made, was agreeing to those terms. You are too young for all that please. You need to sit him down and tell him you can no longer live like this.

  • hmmm Me i cant stop looking hot…me self no trust ur hubby

  • Please no husband should stop you from looking beautiful. You can still wear skit/gown and look nice, most importantly take care of yourself, leave that man alone and make yourself happy, your husband will not make you look young but YOU, you got to make it happen, do your make up but not loud, continue to respect him, he is your husband

  • How can your husband stops you from looking good. If he does’nt want you to put on trouser fine, u can still put on smart and beautiful cloth that will bring out your beauty dear. Use mild make up that won’t b all that pronounced. Look good to make yourself happy dear. Even our old mama dress corporately this days.

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