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Revealed: How Billionaire Kidnapper &Dad of 5 Evans’ Most Trusted Girlfriend Led to his Arrest

Revealed: How Billionaire Kidnapper &Dad of 5 Evans’ Most Trusted Girlfriend Led to his Arrest

As notorious billionaire kidnapper popularly known as Evans, broke down in the cell yesterday, complaining about his welfare, more facts emerged about the circumstances leading to his arrest, last Saturday.

Reports attributed his capture to an informant residing in Magodo area of Lagos State, and intelligence reports that revealed identities of his three girlfriends.

According to sources, after the Inspector-General of Police deployed his Intelligence Response Team to track the notorious kingpin, they made huge progress from the documents recovered from his hideout in Igando, Lagos after the mysterious disappearance of his last victim.

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The documents reportedly aided authorities in identifying occupants of that apartment and opened an avalanche of information about Evans’ movement, DailyPost reports.

That was how they discovered that he lives at Magodo while other members were also residing in Lagos, Rivers, Abuja, Edo and Anambara States.

In addition, a source who spoke with Vanguard revealed that the leader of IGP’s team, Abba Kyari, who was tracking their locations had planned to round-up all the suspects in one swoop, but his plans failed as Evans was always changing locations, making it difficult to get his exact location.
The source added that while Kyari was searching for Evans, he had also mobilized some residents of Magodo Estate, giving them clear descriptions of Evans, his vehicles and the name of his security man. Inspector General of police, Ibrahim Idris, also announced a bounty of N30million on information that could lead to the arrest of Evans.
This led to the rounding up of three women believed to be Evans girlfriends, identified as Amaka, Ijeoma  and Ngozi.
The Police were said to have discovered that Evans was very close to Amaka and he rented an apartment for her in Okota area of Lagos State. Sources explained that Evans was fond of sleeping in Amaka’s house on a regular basis (his plan to evade arrest) and they decided to use Amaka to lure him.
It was further gathered that fearing that Amaka may have been working with the police, he avoided her as much as he could.

One of the police informants in Magodo, called and informed the police that he had located Evans’ apartment.

He also disclosed that Evans has not been seen around his house for a long time and he was believed to have moved out of his house.

It was also revealed that Evans was highly elusive at this time and he was quite aware that the police were closing in on him and he moved away from his home and relocated to a hotel in Agidigingbi area of Ikeja adding that he also moved his wife and children to Ghana and was trying to dispose some of his properties at the time he was arrested.

He was said to be unaware that operatives had located his apartment in Magodo, when he contacted Amaka on Saturday morning.

“He was said to have called her on the phone around 4:15am, without knowing that some policemen were with her and asked her to wait outside her compound to meet him.

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She reportedly joined him later at the spot and as soon as she got into the car, he attacked her, threatening to kill her for not informing him about the police presence in her house.

Evans was said to have gotten angry and drove away with her in his Grand Cherokee SUV and they had an accident at Iyana-Ipaja area where he abandoned the vehicle, seized Amaka’s phone and asked her to go home. It was from there that he picked a cab to his residence at Magodo to pick some few things towards travelling out of the country. After then, we swooped on him and arrested him inside his bedroom.”

In a recent interview, Evans disclosed that he would never have been caught, except that his charms failed at the last minute, adding that he has a native doctor in Nnewi, Anambra State who prepares charms for him and gives him so much courage in its efficacy, New Telegraph revealed.

”The native doctor resides in Nnewi, Anambra State. He is a traditional ruler. After police busted our Igando hideout, he told me to have no fear. He said nothing would happen. He told me that nobody would be able to catch or arrest me. I believed him. I don’t know what went wrong.”

Evans’ father denied the rumours that he divorced Evans’ mother and said he could never do that because they took an oath that only death can do them part. He had earlier said that his estranged wife left her matrimonial home without telling anybody where she was going to.
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