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Dear MIMsters: Everyone Has a Breaking Point and I think I Have Reached Mine

Dear MIMsters: Everyone Has a Breaking Point and I think I Have Reached Mine

Is it out of place for me to get angry whenever I catch my husband cheating? My husband is beginning to make me look out of nuts when I confront him about his cheating ways. I think I’ve reached my breaking point.

I have been in a miserable marriage for the past 4 years now and I have endured been beating by my husband. After beating me, he turns around and begs me. All this while, I have not been able to get pregnant because my mind has not been at rest.

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I fear my husband a lot because when he is angry, he can hit me with anything within his reach. I have left so many times but I end up coming back because whenever I leave, he comes to beg me. I love him but he doesn’t care about me.

His family told him to leave me since I have not been able to get pregnant. He has refused to let me go but he still frustrates me. The issue right now is that anytime I catch him cheating, he either beats or drives me out of our room if I say a word about his cheating ways. He says that I have no right to talk whenever he cheats because he is a man.

I want to know if I am over reacting by confronting him. I have had enough of his frustration and I am prepared to leave for good.

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