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Common Causes Of Painful Sex And What To Do (Part One)

Common Causes Of Painful Sex And What To Do (Part One)

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The superficial value of sex would seem to be pleasure. Although it’s deeper than just pleasure, we’re not here to talk about the sweet and pleasant aspects of the act. We’re here to talk about when it hurt to have sex, and what to do about it. If sex is painful, then there is a problem.

1. The Arousal
For a woman to enjoy sex fully, she has to go through the three stages of desire, arousal and orgasm. If there is no arousal, she is going to feel pain when there is penile penetration and through the course of intercourse. A woman is aroused when there is increased blood flow to her vaginas causing it to open and become lubricated. Other changes take place but it is the absence of this lubrication during arousal that makes the vaginas dry. This is why sexual intercourse hurts: the friction caused by the penis rubbing against the inner walls of the vagina is unpleasant.
Arousal could be attained by foreplay and sexual desire so a woman has to be worked into the mood before she can get aroused. So a heart to heart conversation with your significant other about what could improve your sexual life will be required like yesterday.

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2. Dry Vagina
Lack of foreplay is not the only reason why your vagina is not getting lubrication. There could be foreplay and twelve play but you still can’t get wet. Well, warm showers/baths and allergy pills could also cause dry vagina. Menopause, breastfeeding, cancer treatment and diabetes are other probable causes of low estrogen levels. Estrogen is the hormone that’s responsible for vagina lubrication. You can supplement with some skin butter or over-the-counter lubrication. Note: Baby oil is not a healthy option for vaginal lubrication. It encourages infection and destroys latex condoms.

3. Stressed!
Relaxation is important to a woman’s sexual desire and readiness to have sex. When a woman has had a long and hectic day, it will take some time for her to relax and get in the mood for romance and love making. A shower, a massage, soothing music and dim lights could work like magic in getting the female body turned on. Maybe you and your significant other need to take some crash course in the art of body massage.

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4. Surgery
Surgical operations around the pelvic region could contribute to aches and pains when you should be enjoying coitus with your partner. Episiotomy for instance could be a cause for pain. This is when a cut is made on the birth canal to expand it and allow for easy passage for a baby. It might not have healed thoroughly thereby causing pain when the penis comes in contact with the cut spot.
Warm shower or bath, rest and a visit to a pelvic specialist or physiotherapist could help. They’ll probably give one more solution to painful sex at this time: take some time off sex. Hubby just has to understand the situation.

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