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Dear MIMsters: How I Found Out that My New Boyfriend is a Married Man

Dear MIMsters: How I Found Out that My New Boyfriend is a Married Man

I am 27 years old who got divorced 2 years ago. I lost interest in men completely so whenever a new man comes my way, I would ignore due to my past.

But after many encouragements from my mum, I decided to try dating again.

Recently, two weeks ago to be precise, I met this guy who at first sight told me, “I will marry you.”

I wasn’t moved but I just laughed. He kept repeating it every. He told me he had a daughter, a 13-year-old with his baby mama and was never married. I played along but tried to be very observant.

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A few days ago, I checked his phone and saw a photo of this 13-year-old girl, a woman with other 2 kids taken in a room. It looked like a family picture.

I asked him who the woman was and he told me that she is daughter’s aunty and the other kids are hers.

To cut the whole story short, when I called yesterday at about 8 pm, he thought I had dropped the call but I hadn’t. I overheard a little girl whose voice sounded like that of a 3-year old calling, “daddy.”

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I called him again with my mum’s line and I angrily asked him, “so you are a family man.” All he could say was, “listen to me,” but I hung up and switched off my phone. It’s funny but painful. I already called it quit inside of me but I need to deal with him for wanting to deceive me or should I just quietly let it go?

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  • Just let it go since you’ve known him for just 2 weeks. Thank God he didn’t waste your time before you found out.

  • Let it go, don’t go on a mission that has no benefit. Thank God you have learnt from the past and treading with caution.

  • Let go of him because he came to deceive you and cheat on you but God has exposed him early enough before its to late

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