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Nigerian Woman Who Has Adopted Housemaid As Daughter Tells Their Story | Photos

Nigerian Woman Who Has Adopted Housemaid As Daughter Tells Their Story | Photos

Nigerian woman who adopts her house maid as her daughter has gone on social media to tell their story.

According to the story as told by Oliaku Njeze Eneh, who uses the name Ada Ujaligwa on social media, Ngozi Udenwa had come to her in year 2000 as a house help but she soon realized Ngozi was a rare gem.

Ada and her husband decided to adopt Ngozi. They educated her up to University level and made her an Irish citizen. As a final mark of honor to their adopted daughter,  they handed her off in marriage.

Ada wrote this story on her Facebook page:

“She came into my home in peace as a house help …. She sowed peace and became my legally adopted daughter …. She left my home in peace as a bride… We remained united all through the 17 years we spent together….. Seeds of discord never succeeded in being sowed by people who wanted to tear us apart…. It brought tears to my eyes seeing her walk out of my home in dignity, love, peace and joy on the day she got married…. And I bless God for everything…. Amen.
She was advised not to trust us and to run away as soon as we brought her abroad….. She vehemently refused to reward the confidence we had bestowed upon her with evil…. We fastidiously refused to leave her loyalty unrewarded…. She was committed to providing us with robust domestic support and we were passionate about ensuring that she became successful in life….. God blessed our intentions towards one another…. It took 17 years…. But today it is a reality….. To God be all the glory Amen
If she had run away and followed some useless man prematurely, would she be here today??? Would she be enjoying all the benefits she has now??? Mbaaaaa….. She would probably have ended up with an unwanted pregnancy, frustrated and bitter.
Impatient youths of nowadays…. Pls learn from Ngozi Udenwa….. Learn to be humble and patient for your time to come…. Wait for the seeds sown into your life to bear good fruits…. Persevere in doing good so that you will eat of the fruits there of….. It ALWAYS pays to do good…. If not today then certainly tomorrow.
God help us all Amen
Copyright Oliaku Njeze Eneh 2017

There are lessons to take away from this story. One is that, patience and loyalty are great virtues to have, for they bring with them honour. Congratulations to the couple.

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Photo credit: Facebook/Ada Ujaligwa

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