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”My 8-Year-Old Daughter Was Raped & Killed by Someone I Call ‘Cousin’ | A Father’s Heartbreaking Story

”My 8-Year-Old Daughter Was Raped & Killed by Someone I Call ‘Cousin’ | A Father’s Heartbreaking Story

Ifeanyi Dike, a 200-level student of the University of Port Harcourt, was nabbed last week for allegedly abducting and killing an 8-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso, for ritual purposes.

According to Punch, Dike was arrested by the operatives of the Rivers State Police Command attached to Okporo Police Station for raping, killing and removing some vital parts of the victim after kidnapping her on Friday.

One of the fingers of the deceased, her tongue, eyes, one of her breasts and vagina were cut off by Dike.

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Dike was caught by a local vigilante while trying to dispose of the mutilated body of the victim.

During interrogation at the State Police Command on Saturday, Ernest Nmezuwuba, the father of the victim, described the suspect as his cousin and said they live on the same street – Messiah Street, Eliozu in Port Harcourt.

He expressed shock that he could contemplate killing his daughter.

He said he was filled with grief after seeing the mutilated body of his daughter.

”My name is Ernest Nmezuwuba, I am from Ochiogwa in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State. The man who killed my daughter is like my brother, someone very close to me, I can call him my cousin.

He is a 200 level student of the University of Port Harcourt here and he resides at Eliozu.”

Nmezuwuba recalled that Chikamso had requested bread for breakfast, which he bought for her before he left for work on Friday (the day she was abducted).

Narrating further, he said when he returned home around 3pm and learnt that his daughter was missing, he immediately began a search, adding that after the search became fruitless, he decided to report the matter to the police.

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”I moved immediately with my wife to where our daughter usually went, but we could not find her. Then I ran to the police and they advised me to call back after 24 hours.

This Ifeanyi (suspect) we are talking about is a habitual criminal. He committed a crime in a bank and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad caught him. Then the in-law went and bailed him.

So, around 1.30 am, the security men ran to me and said that they had seen my daughter and that I should come and see the man that kidnapped my daughter. I was in my shorts and I rushed to the place with the security agents.

I was told that the person that killed my daughter was caught while carrying a load around 1.10 am. The load was in a sack. The policemen said when they confronted him, he said he wanted to take it to the dustbin,” he added.

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Nmezuwuba explained that he could not control himself when he saw the lifeless body of his daughter with her finger, private part, and eyes removed.

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”When I got there, I asked: where is my daughter? They showed me a sack.

As I opened it, I saw my daughter; I peeped and watched very well, the two eyes were off, the tongue was gone, one of the breasts was off, one of the fingers, the smaller one, was off. I watched at the centre here, he had carved it (vagina) out.

This boy decided to use my child for ritual. As I turned back and saw him, he (Dike) was looking at the ground. Immediately I saw him, I shouted, Ifeanyi, you killed by daughter. But he said it was not only him.

Honestly, if the police are working like this, people will not complain. The vigilante men did well,” Nmezuwuba said.

This is heartbreaking!

Photo credit: Punch

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