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Working Mom? These Tips Will Help You Balance Home And Work (Part Two)

Working Mom? These Tips Will Help You Balance Home And Work (Part Two)

Mark Wealth

Being a mom is a full time job already. It requires being hands on physically, mentally and emotionally. However, the economic reality and the inner wiring of some women compels them to get a job or get involved in some sort of business. But then, conflict arises: how to balance the demands home and work place on them.

This is not a new “problem”. Mothers have been doing this since the family came into existence so there’s no reason why you can’t do it and get it right. Let the drums roll as we present to you nine ways to achieve an enjoyable work-home balance.

continued from part one

6. The Famous To-Do List

It’s a mandatory element in being successful at anything. Writing out what you have to do helps you get organised and focused. It helps you weed out not-so-important tasks and keep the important ones as priority. It also helps you achieve all the tips we’ve mentioned so far without spending too much energy. You’ll be able to see at a glance tasks that you could lump together and carry out with less resources like time, money or energy. Remember it’s always better to work smarter than to work harder.

7. Support Groups

Find other moms/parents that are also trying to achieve a convenient work-home balance. You guys could share tips or exchange favours. You could help them do school runs on those days that you can while you could drop the kids off at their place when you have to work overtime / without distraction. They could even give you some helpful info like the new nanny service that offers some awesome packages.

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8. Take Care Of Number 1

And number 1 is you. You must realise that you cannot pour from an empty cup. No matter how busy your schedule is, you simply must make out some time to take care of yourself. What you do in that time is up to you and how you’re feeling. You could take a nap, go on a date with your spouse or paint the town red with your friends as long as it doesn’t leave you exhausted. Then you can feel refreshed and alive for the next work-home marathon.

9. Exercise!

You could fit this into the above but it’s absolutely imperative that’s why it’s an item on its own. Having a disciplined routine for staying fit helps you stay alert mentally and gives you the stamina to do your job at work, come home and do the night shift including preparing for the day ahead. It doesn’t have to be a daily routine. Two to three days in a week is enough. It would be more fun if you could do it with your husband too.

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Looking at it from a afar, time management is the most important factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy work-home balance. Prioritising and fitting activities into a schedule is the first step. Being disciplined and sticking to these schedule is the next important thing. Although you’ll need to be realistic about it. You cannot be rigid about it. Circumstances may arise that require you to give more attention at home than you’d planned, so be easy with yourself. You are a mom: that makes you super capable of handling challenges as they arise.

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