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Dear MIMsters: I Would Like to Get Married But My Father’s Family Are In the Way

Dear MIMsters: I Would Like to Get Married But My Father’s Family Are In the Way

My fiancé is Ebira while I am Yoruba but this is not the problem. The problem is my father’s family is holding my wedding plans to ransome.
Myfiancé met with my mom to tell her of his intentions to marry me. They talked and my mom asked him questions about himself and his family.
Then, I traveled to my paternal family to tell them of my fiancé’s intentions to come and know them.
My paternal family vehemently told me not to bring anyone and that if I do, they will embarrass me. Their reason is because my mum and my paternal family have not been in good terms since my father died.
My father’s family took over all over my father’s property after he died  and my mum reacted by changing my name from my father’s name. This is why they are angry and also because I have not been relating with them the way I do with my mother’s family.
We are planning to have the formal introduction between my fiancé’s family and my family but the paternal side of my family are still angry.
My mom then said I should wait till after my youth service which I am yet to go for. I have been waiting for two years now due to a mistake made by my school made but I need to take another step further in my life.
My fiancé is ready but I am the one delaying him now. I’m 25 years old and I do not what else to do. Please advice me.
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  • Africans and their crazy traditions Mtschew. So because your father’s family is angry, you can’t get married? I love your mom for the action she took.

  • You can do the wedding without your father’s family, only your mother’s family will be present and you just get anyone to b act as your father….just forget about them and go on with your wedding plans.

  • since your name is no longer ur father’s y do u need dem den do u not have ur mothers dad is late n my mums family has bn the ones givin us out.

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