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Dear MIMsters: Why So Many Women Are Dying For Nothing

Dear MIMsters: Why So Many Women Are Dying For Nothing

This is one of the reasons why so many women are dying for nothing.

When I was newly married, I went to see the Doctor in the company of my husband. nothing

After consultation the Doctor needed to examine me and asked me to take of my clothes, I don’t remember if it’s to examine my breast or my vagina, and I promptly removed my clothes.

When we got out of the hospital, my husband had a very long face. He said to me, “so that man told you to remove your clothes and you did, without even asking me, you just removed your clothes fast fast eh? Sharp sharp just like that?”

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Hey, I looked at him as if I have never met him before and said something that sounded like, “na me no well, na me get my body, na me dem wan treat, but na you go give permission? Hian!!!!Ā 

“Abeg if na play stop am oh, if na play just stop am.”

I hoped he was playing but if he wasn’t, he needed to know that my understanding of ‘submission’ no be this time. Well, as the correct man that he is, he later apologized and explained that it just felt weird to see me stripping for another man.

I said, “walai, I was already thinking you shouldn’t be following me for any appointments’ and he said “No no no” That he has thought about it and realized he sounded silly.

Anyway, the reason I remembered this is because I see more and more women gambling with their lives. How can someone be in serious pains during labour and the doctor recommends a CS to save you and your baby but you start referring him to your husband, a man whom you know from experience doesn’t have your interest at heart?

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I’m referring t0 husbands who you know cheat on you, those who beat you, slap you, abuse you verbally, sleep with your house helps, whom you’ve caught send love messages to other women via chats. I’m referring to husbands who spend peanuts on you but spend more to take care of others?

Why on earth will he be the one to decide if you should live or die? And if he signs that he does not want a CS because he says you are a “Hebrew” woman and should push vaginally against medical advice and you die, then what?

Once a man starts treating you badly by cheating, abusing etc, if you choose to stay, stay with your brains. I am married to a great man but before I have my babies, I go through every possible scenario with my Doctor and sign consent for CS ahead just in case of unforeseen circumstances. I tell them I consent to being given blood. I sign all sorts before my due date. You see, I trust my husband to make the right choice but I still do this because it’s my life!!!

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Some men do not want to spend money on surgery and so will gamble with your life. My sisters give your consent and instead sell all your worldly possession to pay for your bill after the surgery is done! So many of us are dying for nothing!!!

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