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Dear MIMsters: I Don’t Want to Have This Abortion But My Marital Happiness Is on The Line

Dear MIMsters: I Don’t Want to Have This Abortion But My Marital Happiness Is on The Line

I don’t want to have this abortion but my marital happiness is on the line.

So recently I had an IUD inserted as a form of family planning but after a few months, I started to itch all over.

After an evaluation by the doctor, we decided that since it was the only foreign thing in my body, I should have it taken out and observe for while. So, I had it taken out with my husband’s consent. We resorted to using the natural family planning method which failed.

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A few days ago, I found out that I am pregnant. My husband is having a fit about this. Now, he hardly talks to me and has suggested that we abort the baby. This I have refused to do.

We already have 2 boys. The first is 3 years old while the second is almost 2 years old. Our plan was to have only 2 children even though I was open to the possibility of having a third child but I was not expecting it to happen too soon.

I don’t want to have this abortion but my marital happiness is on the line. I have prayed and I know I have to wait on God but my husband is growing distant from me. He even told me this is the worse month of his whole life. What do I do?

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  • Please do not go through with the abortion. Your husband is equally responsible for family planning it isn’t only you. I am talking from experience. When my husband’s mother was pregnant with him his dad also told her to abort him. Now he is the one who keeps his family afloat and takes care of the entire family. I don’t know what would have happened to the family now without him. It is God who creates human beings and gives us a destiny to come and fulfill here on earth. It is well my sister. Pray without ceasing.

  • My mum.sister told my mum,dt her last born,her husband told her to abort her,buh she refused. Now the husband loves the child amongst the other ones. Dont mind him. Tell him.that when you give birth,he should take knife and kill the baby himsf, ur womb is not a graveyard. He’ll.come around,keep trying to get close.

  • Please do not abort. Your baby needs you too. And in any case he knew that the IUD had been removed so he should have taken precautions too. An abortion would leave you regretting that action and will not make your marriage any better. He just has to respect your wish and your body and the life of his child that you now carry. It’s convenient to abort now but the cost will be too high. You will always remember that you destroyed a life. My husband did the same to me, because he didnt want another girl after I had 2 already. I refused and that pregnancy resulted in my now 14 year old son.

  • My dear don’t be discouraged, this is a gift from God, a lot of people are looking for it but can’t have it but here you are blessed by God and a man you called a husband who have no regard to God is telling you to kill because that is what it’s. Kindly disregard him and be prayerful let it not border you before you miscarry the baby, he will surely come back to his senses. Good luck

  • don’t mind him…keep your baby….he too SD go do family planing for men if he doesn’t want more…

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