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Actress Jenny Mollen Gets Candid About Prepartum Depression, Reveals CS Bandages

Actress Jenny Mollen Gets Candid About Prepartum Depression, Reveals CS Bandages

Hollywood star and new mom-of-two Jenny Mollen shared a very honest selfie of her post-op body after her caesarean section on Instagram just four days after giving birth.

The actress, 38, displayed her heavily-bandaged belly in a mirror selfie to her followers, which she captioned: ”Post-op chic #babybiggs”.

The Life Happens actress looked happy but tired in the candid picture, which showed hospital tubes still attached to her.

Jenny and her husband, American Pie star Jason Biggs made headlines when they both ate her placenta after welcoming their baby Lazlo to the world on Monday at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

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The child weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, one ounce and came in measuring at 20 inches long according to Us Weekly.

Last month, the actress-author revealed her struggle with prenatal depression.

”Prepartum Depression… it’s what often happens to expectant moms who are awake in the world.

”I could already be in a depression. I’m planning on eating my placenta, but I’m also anticipating a major emotional dive. I think that it’s chemical. I think people don’t talk about it enough.

Because having a baby is the scariest f—ing thing that could happen to a woman.”

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Mollen, who had placenta previa said after giving birth to her first son Sid she told “everybody that it felt like I was coming off of cocaine.”

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”It was just like the craziest come down of my life. Maybe because I know what to expect this time, it’s almost happening sooner, like I’m already going through the motions of [this] insane life changing experience.”

She encouraged women to be hyper-vigilant about their emotions after giving birth.

”You’ll be shocked at how fast you’ll wake up one day and be in the darkest place. The only way your kid is going to be healthy and happy is if you are healthy and happy. So, make that the priority.”

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