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How to Throw An Awesome Kids’ Birthday Party on a Low Budget

How to Throw An Awesome Kids’ Birthday Party on a Low Budget

Adesua Iyoyojie 

We get inundated daily by flashy celebrity kids’ birthday parties on social media and some of us can’t help but crave all that fun for ours, even when money is tight.

As the birthday date draw closer, panic usually sets in especially when you are cash strapped and you want to make it memorable for them.

The truth is that you don’t have to shell out lots of money or borrow to throw an awesome birthday bash, all it takes is some creativity and careful planning. The important thing is making the child feel happy that day.

You can actually avoid unnecessary panic by using these tips:

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1. Plan early

Sit down with the birthday child and ask what he or she wants for a party.
After all, this event is to make them happy, so understanding what they want is key. Planning early will give you time to work with your kid to manage or change expectations.

My son has never had a big party in his 7 years of existence . He usually picks going to the park and sharing gifts to his class mates.

If your child wants a huge party at an expensive place with expectations you can’t handle, planning early will help you plan a celebration that everyone will enjoy.

2. Prioritize

Once you’ve re-adjusted high expectations, it’s time to get into details. But where to begin?

You and your child need to decide on the absolutely highest priorities. Think of this as negotiation; list your two highest priorities. If you and your kid have hugely different priorities, this might take diplomacy.

I asked my son his main priorities he said inviting all his classmates to the park and playing games. One game ticket cost 200naira, Imagine one child playing 10games? So I shut down the idea and brought up school celebration that is sharing of cake and juice for classmates, which he gladly accepted.

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3. Define celebration your own way

Birthday parties can be simple if we change our perspective from it being a “party” to it being a “celebration.”

As you plan, talk about the years that have gone by, the milestones and memories of people and experiences from previous celebrations. Children cherish what we cherish, and as their parents, they learn to love the things we value.

4. Involve family members

You could share with your siblings what you intend doing.
Your brother could offer to be the DJ;
Your sister could assist you in cooking if you intend cooking;
Your immediate family could really be of great help to make things easier for you.

5. Communicate with close friends

Some parents have thrown successful low budget parties in the past. Talk to your friends about your low budget plan and get more tips.

6. Simplify the party

Instead of cooking when you can’t afford it, you can make sandwiches. Children just want to run around and eat cake.
Also simplify the party favours, but be creative with it.

7. Make a homemade cake before the day to test your cake baking abilities .

Instead of hiring a baker, you could learn how to bake to cut cost.
Afterall, no knowledge is a waste.

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8. Timing

Plan the party from 2 p.m. to 5.
After lunch and before dinner is the best time to party, when the kids have probably eaten from home and don’t expect a full meal.

9. Invitation

Send your guests a free electronic invitation; you’ll save what you’d normally spend on card invites.
This will also help you track who will be coming or not, you could tell them to RSVP.

10. Pair up

If your kid’s birthday falls close to a buddy’s, nephew or neice’s, consider a dual party. You and the other child’s parents will split everything in half .


Parks are usually free. You could inform your neighbors so they can cooperate with you and give space that day so you can use your compound if it is big enough.

12. Set Up Fun Affordable Games & Activities

Games and activities can make or break a kid’s birthday party, but they don’t have to cost much—or anything at all.

Kids just want to have fun, and fun can be pretty affordable.

So that’s how you plan a low budget party that your kids will thank you for. The bottom line is making it memorable for the child. Be creative.

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  • This came a bit late for me. My friend tried to plan a low budget birthday for her kid last month and she called on me. Wish I read this before then lol. Thanks for sharing MIM.

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