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Dear MIMsters: Should I Ignore All My Instincts And Call Him Up?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Ignore All My Instincts And Call Him Up?

Should I ignore my instincts and call him up? I am really confused.

I have been out of a relationship for two years now. I have had my fair share of heartbreaks in relationship, so I decided to stay clear of them. Four months ago, I attended a program, and coincidentally I was supposed to collect a report from one of the men that attended the programme.

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After the training, we exchanged phone numbers so that we could meet and complete our reports. Somewhere along the line, we developed feelings for one another. I visited his home and he visited mine too. I must admit, I am in love with him. He treats me differently, he pampers me like a baby, he practically worships me. One day, I went to his house unannounced after a minor quarrel. He welcomed me, but later that day, another lady came and he introduced me as a worker to her and introduced her as a corper to me. I decided to ignore that and still move on.

Recently, I asked for his phone which he gave me, and I saw romantic text messages from different ladies. I indirectly confronted him and he said that he had friends before he met me, but he is working hard to get them off him. According to him, he wants me and not them. I believed him. Yesterday, we decided to talk about our relationship and the way forward. He mentioned the girl I met in his house as a casual friend, but they had been having sex. He said that since he met me, the girl had become history.

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Later that day, I went to his house and picked up his phone. Truly, I didn’t see any recent conversation with the lady, but I saw romantic conversations with other ladies. I left angrily, because he swore that he didn’t have any other lady and he didn’t even follow me to find out why I left. Up till now, he has not called me.

I really love this man, I don’t know what to do. Should I pay deaf ears to other things and believe only what he says? Help me!

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  • Pls, try as much as possible to detach yourself emotionally from him. If he doesn’t hurt u now, he may hurt or disappoint you later if u eventually get married. Watch him from afar before making any decision.

  • Closing your eyes to reality would be the biggest mistake you could ever make… Don’t settle for less. You’ll regret it

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