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WATCH: Woman Exposes Uncle Who Sexually Molested Her When She Was 6 Years Old

WATCH: Woman Exposes Uncle Who Sexually Molested Her When She Was 6 Years Old

A woman recorded the moment she confronted a family member for molesting her when she was just 6 years old.

The woman was at a family function which seemed to be a post-funeral reception when she confronted the sex offender family member who she named, Lance.

In the footage, the woman started by saying she was trying to be strong but that there’s a time and place for everything. She then walked up to a man who was eating and introduced him as the man who molested her at age 6 while she was on a bed with two of her cousins.

She said:

“There’ a time and place for everything and I’m trying to be strong but I want to introduce y’all to somebody.”

She walked over to where the man was sitting, then with the camera on his face, she said:

“This guy right here, when I was six years old he molested me in a bed when I was with my cousin, Brittany and Jane… You remember that Lance?”

The man ignored her and continued munching on his snack. The incensed lady went on to remind him of how he molested her, put money in her pocket and then told her not to ever tell anyone. She also reminded him that he’s registered as a sex offender online.

When he continued to ignore her, she said:

” And you’re over here, sitting, eating my family’s f****** food having touched their little girl that was a child? That’s what you’re here to do?”

After sharing the video on Twitter, more women who suffered from sex abused in the hands of family members also replied with their own stories.

We hope she can find a bit of closure after this.

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