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8 Tips to Wean Your Infants Off Breastmilk

8 Tips to Wean Your Infants Off Breastmilk

Breastfeeding is very rewarding for both mother and child, but it must come to an end at some point. Some infants stop accepting breast milk on their own, others need to be motivated differently, and that’s when the weaning process comes in.

This can be very daunting and tiring for both mother and child, but fear not, as we have provided a few tried and tested tipsĀ from very experienced mothers:

1. Get help

Weaning a toddler isn’t easy, especially if you are a single mum. Schedule this phase for a period when you will have someone around you to help out. Toddlers do not forget easily or let things go easily, trust us when we say that you will need the help.

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2. Separate beds

If your baby still wakes up to nurse then sleeping in separate beds is the first step to successful weaning. Night nursing can be very tough, but once your toddler starts eating properly, she will be able to go a night without nursing.

3. Don’t ask, don’t give

Try not to breastfeed your toddler unless she asks for it. Experienced mums always breastfeed their children at the slightest sound or inclination. Once the tactic of not offering anymore can be learned, you may be able to wean faster.

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4. Talk about it

A toddler may not be able to talk a lot, but they understand more than we think. Explain to your toddler that its time for him to stop consumingĀ mummy’s milk and it’s time to take grown ups milk.

5. Substitute

When your child asks for breast milk, try offering yogurt or toddler milk instead. Make sure you substitute with something creamy and full of milk, so that the full benefits of milk are still being passed to your child. Something essentially rich in calcium

6. Switch it up

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Toddlers love routine. They thrive on it, if you want to wean quickly, try switching up routines. If you normally breastfeed as soon as you walk through the door from work, try and distract baby with either a snack or some sort of fun activity like going for a walk or playing with a new toy.

7. Comfort toy

If you think your child is nursing for comfort, then try to get him a toy he can use to feel better. A teddy, his favorite cartoon character, a blanket, or any endearing its,. Something your child will take a quick liking too will do the trick.

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8. Cuddle up

The weaning process is very emotional for your little one. So be sure to comfort him with lots of hugs and kisses. Let your toddler know that even though he won’t be getting mummy’s milk anymore, he will never stop getting lots of mummy’s love and kisses.


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