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8 Fun Tips on How To Spend Valentine’s Day At Home With Your Family

8 Fun Tips on How To Spend Valentine’s Day At Home With Your Family

Based on its history St. Valentine’s day is usually associated with love in the romantic sense. A man/woman or boy/girl kind of thing. This begins to change when you have a growing family and your kids become more aware of events unfolding around them. What I am saying in essence is, it’s about time to start celebrating Valentine’s day with the whole family. Here’s how to do so at home….

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  1. Instead of the regular, make a special breakfast for everyone.
  2. Exchange notes. Get everyone to write a note of appreciation to mummy, daddy, brother and sister, telling them just how much they are appreciated. This will help them cultivate a sense of appreciation in them.
  3. Valentines day doesn’t only have to revolve around your pretty family. Do something nice for others. Look out for people needing help in your community and reach out to them.
  4. Get everyone to wear something with a touch of red. This is just for fun.
  5. Nothing wrong with taking the whole family out if you have the money and can cope with the heavy traffic and highly-watered down services. Or retreat to a cozy and lovely evening at home and have a candle light dinner with the whole family. Cook or order you meal? As long as there is good food on the table to make the heart merry, who cares?
  6. It’s time for movie night. If there’s no school the next day, get your children together to watch a movie at home. This is a good time to watch Beauty and the Beast, Gnomeo & Juliet or Shrek. All you need is a good movie, duvets, popcorn, ice-cream and water. It promises to be fun.
  7. Before you settle down to a movie, get your groove on with some good music. Let the children join in. You could learn a move or two from them.
  8. Go down the memory lane by browsing through old photos together.

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Love is a language! Love is an act! If love is an act, then it cannot be tamed for 364 days only to be unleashed for a day. If love is a language, it cannot be silenced for 8,736 hours just to be given a voice for 24 hours.

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Love in its true meaning is a way of living. Love is spoken! Love is acted! Love is lived! Love is life! Love is giving! Love is too noble to be contained for many days, just to be released for a day. When you live a life of love, it becomes an apparel you wear at all times, and you just find yourself effortlessly oozing it out. It becomes loud even in your silence. It becomes obvious to the blind…

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