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Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue to Allow My Husband Control My Life Like This?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue to Allow My Husband Control My Life Like This?

Should I continue to allow my husband control my life like this?

I was a working class lady before I got married in June last year. I took in immediately in July.  The morning sickness was so severe that I had to quit my job, coupled with the the stress of embarking on a long distance back and forth.

I am now 37 weeks gone but my husband does not seem to understand my predicament as I still vomit till now!

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The problem is. he doesn’t take me out anymore nor allows me go out! Life is so boring as I have to stay at home with his aged parents from Sunday to Sunday!

To make matters worse, he doesn’t allow me watch the channels of my choice. I enjoy watching African Magic, Zee world and music channels but each time he comes home and see me watching it, he gets furious!

He insists I watch Nat Geo and CNN, claiming it is educative! I had to challenge him today. Should I allow him control my life this way even up to the channel I watch?

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  • Don’t allow him control your life please. This is how it starts and that’s how it will continue.

  • Pls take your stand now that your marriage is young that he can’t control your life. Anything you don’t like let him know now and pls don’t accept him controlling your life.
    If he refuses to take you out, take yourself out. You need to know early in marriage that you take control of your happiness or you die of dashed hopes and frustration. What stops you from dressing up, call uber and go out to the cinema or go and catch fun alone. It’s how you carry yourself that you’ll be treated my dear.
    If he sees that you love going out, he will offer to go out with you. You need to make the move or you turn to a boring old housewife

  • Please,don’t allow him control your life. You have to stop him now before it is too late

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