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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Tactfully Confront My SIL Who Has Stolen From Me?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Tactfully Confront My SIL Who Has Stolen From Me?

Hello friends, please how do I tactfully confront my sister-in-law who just stole from me?

My SIL came visiting and we discussed about an upcoming family event. She lamented about not being buoyant enough to buy accessories that will match the event’s colour theme.

I told her that I have two purses in that colour, an old and a new one. She said she would like to see if it’s something she could manage. First, I had showed her the purse I would use and after that we both went in to check out the other purse. I eventually found it buried down below other stuff but it still looked ok even though it’s fading and has lost some of its glitter.

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My SIL said it is manageable and will consider using it. Hours after she left, I suddenly realized that I could only find my old purse in the wardrobe. I searched everywhere carefully and I discovered that my new purse was gone. I didn’t want to believe she took it so I called her and asked when she wants to come for the purse or if I should bring it over and she replied casually that she has already taken it (‘it’ being my shiny new purse that has never been used). I was livid and furious but I bit my tongue and said ok and hung up. I’ll be seeing her next week, I want to find a way to nicely tell her to return my purse. I need tips please.

P: S:  I’m married into a very tight knitted traditional family, the ones that believe a wife must show her in-laws 150% respect and if you’re rude to one, you are rude to all. I just want my stuff back without being the main subject of the next family meeting.

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  • Better be the subject so they know next time not to mess with you again. She obviously doesn’t deserve your respect for stealing from you rubbish.

  • Wow, u just have to talk to her in a polite manner that she won’t take any offence in it

  • Simply take along the purse that was ment for her and tell her she took the wrong one but if you are not bold enough to confront her then forget the purse and get another one.

  • Can you please forget about the purse?when next you want to give something to someone just bring out the item and give it to them.Don’t show them the difference between the one you have and the one you want to give.

  • Pls forget about d purse next time u will b careful let this be an eye opener even if she return Pls ask her to keep it

  • Well since you are afraid of being the topic in the family meeting,then just forget about the purse and take it as one of the prices u pay for marriage.But just know that if u don’t nip such rubbish in the bud now,u can’t complain later when they will do worse things.Go to her n tell her u came to pick the purse she mistakenly carried that this is the one u wanted to give her.If she took it in good faith she will return it but if she refuses,just leave it and be careful next time

  • What do you mean by polite? I hear!…if na me when I called her I will simply warn her not to repeat that again..which kind tin be this..hmmm nawaooo respect my foot

  • Our people say that while going on a journey, it is not good to defecate on the walk path because while coming back u will still meet the Faeces. Poster your SIL is very stupid, she stole from u today forgetting that she might need your help again tomorrow n u can choose not to render it because of this singular act of hers. If u can, forget about the purse but if u can’t politely ask For it back.

  • Take the one you want to give her and go and give her, telling her she took the wrong one. Next time, bring out what you wanna give and not asking the person to follow you inside your room

  • jst jokingly ask her,asif you were not offended,for instance, ” babe you left d purse i gave to you and took mine,this lady ehnn! because you fine,you wan take all the fine fine things,abi u no wan make i fine too” say it very casually… and inbetween your laughter insist on getting back the purse.

  • tak the pulse (“old one )go like this ah oko mi u took the wrong pulse tak the rigth and giv me the one u took

  • Tell her never to take your belonging without informing U, but don’t collect the purse from her

  • When you see her, tell her politely to give you your purse back. If she doesn’t wan to be insulted, she should respect herself and go get hers. Nonsense.

  • let your husband no about it….And forget about d purse don’t ask her but next time u will b careful let this be an eye opener even if she return it dnt take it frm her…….

  • to me,forget the purse and get another,u can afford it i know. then next time,dont bring out two to showcase,just give the one u wanna give out

  • Just forget about it if you can, but if you can’t let go of the new purse, take the old one to her and calmly tell her she took the wrong one

  • For me personally as for me I wouldn’t collect that purse again but that would be the last of our familiarity, friendship is by choice., I’m sure it’s a yoruba family….

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