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How to Raise A Successful Child (Part 1)

How to Raise A Successful Child (Part 1)

Ineh Olisah

As parents, we desire to have intelligent and gifted children who outdo our own achievement at each developmental milestone and make us proud and fulfilled parents in the future. Since no one has a more genuine interest in your child than you do, the onus of helping them maximize their potentials to become successful in life lies on you.

Find 10 things you should do to steer yourself in the right direction:


Does your child get enough sleep? Does he practice good hygiene? How accessible is he to regular medical care? Is your child growing in a violence ridden home that kills his zeal to focus in class? Is he getting the essential nutrients to stimulate brain function and growth?

For instance, research shows that children who eat a healthy breakfast before going to school experience enhanced academic performance, concentration and cognitive functioning. Ensuring your child is healthy in all facets is the foundation to empowering him to succeed at whatever he does.

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The fact that many of your child’s peers are diving into the sciences could make him decide it’s equally the best choice for him – if you’ve not imposed your choice already. From preteen, whether your child is exceptional or not, help him embark on a journey of self discovery. Ask about his dreams, does he have what it takes to achieve them? Does he need counselling to spur him into discovering areas that he would be better off? Doing these ensure he’s better equipped to make an informed and healthy choice when the time comes.


Apart from doing all you can to hone your child’s receptive skills (reading and listening), his expressive skills (speaking and writing) also need to be minded. Initiate the process by being a worthy example yourself.


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Quit the habit of comparing your child to other children or his siblings. Children develop at varying pace. While some children are early bloomers, some are late. Apart from the fact that this can make him develop a low self esteem, comparing a slow or reluctant learner to exceptional kids only makes him feel more like a failure and dims his chances of ever catching up. Instead, figure out ways to help him get better.


It’s not enough that you hired seasoned tutors to help him with challenging subjects or that you always ensure he does his assignments or projects. How often do you check his notes and ask questions to evaluate what he has learned? Do you pay regular visits to his school to find out if paying for the extra lessons is paying off or the assignments you slave yourself to make sure he does are submitted at the appropriate time? And those textbooks that cost a fortune, do you care to find out if he’s actually reading them or they have long been misplaced or ‘dashed out’ to friends who appreciate their value better?

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Most parents wait till the term ends, when it’s too late to cry, to find out if their ward is doing well. Don’t leave all the monitoring to his teachers; they have their hands full already. Get more actively involved in your child’s school life!

…To be continued.

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