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Dear MIMster: Is It Acceptable For My Husband to Do This Late Into the Night?

Dear MIMster: Is It Acceptable For My Husband to Do This Late Into the Night?

Is it acceptable for my husband to do this late into the night?

I am married with 2 kids. Ever since I married my husband, I have never received love nor felt loved. He has a habit of always chatting with ladies till late in the night. If I confront him, he will confess that he has had affairs with them and this is after we got married.

I made it known to him that I can’t take it. I cried and begged him to stop but he never did.

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The issue caused an argument one day in the presence of his Mum. What the mother said revealed to me the kind of woman she is. Her comment was that I should leave him alone that he is just stamping them, that, I am the one that is at home.

Since then, I made a decision to ignore him because that was the advice I got. I make sure I don’t sit in the sitting room whenever he is chatting so that I won’t get angry. I went through his phone one day and discovered he is still having sexual relationship with his ex~girlfriend.
This man has caused me lots of trauma and sadness. He told me I am immature, that he has never seen or heard where a woman complains of his husband chatting with female friends.

I would like to throw the question to the house, is it a normal thing for a husband to be chatting with his female friends till late in the night?

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  • Now that you have talked, beg and cried with no result don’t you think its time to take a deep breath and rest while things sort out itself.

  • My dia, what won’t a woman endure 4 marriage. It is definately wrong bt d society expects u (as d wife) 2 exhibit sum degree of maturity cos it’s ‘normal’ it’s a phase, u knw he is a MAN

  • My dear it is not normal at all, what can they be chatting about till middle of the night when she knows he’s a married man for crying out loud

  • No it’s very abnormal.l would advise whenever he is chatting(even if he is not chatting),pick up your phone n make yourself happy in his presence.Look for websites and groups on facebook or other social media with hilarious posts.Laugh n giggle to his hearing.Trust me he will be jealous and would secretly want to go through your phone(password it).If he asks you, just smile move on.He will have a taste of how u feel.

  • dear poster,pls try to ignore n pretend dt u r nt seeing it wen hes chatting n try to avoiding going tru his fone so u wont hv hypertension.u r nt wrong but som tinz r better left unsaid

  • Please you need to take time and talk to him in a non confrontational way. A heart to heart talk. Tell him ur in d marriage becos of love and u love ur family buy he is hurting u by his words. Actions and attitudes
    Pls make him understand u won’t put up with his behaviour anymore.. and may resort to drastic measures if he doesn’t end his illicit affairs. Make him understand that as ur husband he is spose to show u respect, more love and care that u r currently gettin frm him
    On the flip side, pls also check urself: after 2 children. R u making the effort to stay nice and attractive? Learn new tricks and wow him in bed.. learn new recipes and wow him in the kitchen. Good luck. Pray always

  • Hell no gosh and to think his Mother supported him shows women re their own enemies #badmother#badmotherinlaw. My dear just fancy him n get busy wt ur life, flex wt ur frnds n ignore him like he doesn’t exist, I kw it’s not easy bt try it n see him thinking why u suddenly don’t care. Sometimes men re supposed to be treated in a hard way when it comes to issue of this stuff u re passing thru….. u didn’t come to this world wt him n u will not die wt him so live life to fullest n make urself happy…. take ur kids out n smtims dress sexy n go out on ur own, go to gym work ou n kip fit(doing all dese will take ur mind away Frm him) one day his cup will full n he/his mom will regret it…..

  • Nawa what kind of a mother is she sef? My dear forget them n be happy. Treat him like he doesn’t exist in ur life n watch wat happen

  • It’s abnormal and so disrespectful of him..he’s mum is not helping matters at all..just talk to him for the last time..

  • It is very disrespectful of him to do that in your presence, moreso because he knows you’ll accept that. Let him know the limit to what you can take. If possible report him to your parents and let them know what ur MIL said. Don’t cry for such a person. If he continues, move to ur family house with ur kid before he infest u with an STD.
    I believe when u take action, he’ll get the message. You can always pray from afar. Best wishes.

  • It is 100% abnormal. My advise is since his mother is dat type of mother, ignore her and her son and just like Faustine said, let your parents know what he’s up to and his take on it then tell him you’re leaving him. If no changes, separate from him and let God lead you . Hopefully he’ll come back to his senses. I don’t want you to end up with a disease from him. Above all, pray for him to change

  • My dear it is not normal ooo, get yourself busy as they have advise get your phone, browse with it, the most important make yourself happy & ignore is well

  • The only thing i can tell you is that HIV and STD is so real. That the society accepts it doesn’t make it okay.

  • It’s because you are taking it and he feels you won’t do anything. Surprise him my dear. Pack.your things to ur parents house and remain there . Before that, fake calls and chat and laugh. Men r more jealous than women and see what happens.

  • Let ur pastor know abt it. If it continues, talk to his father and ur parents too. If he does not stop his behaviour towards u, move to ur parents house but, let his people and ur husband kw u re no longer interested in d marriage. That as it is, u re scared of ur life and that of ur children. Inform a good layer about it. He will take it up and c what will happen. Since his money is too much.

  • Just make u r self happy my dear.while he is busy c hatting with his ex girlfriend, oh my God pick up your phone and start your own chat laugh like never before get him jealous. That will make him to begin to know the secret behind ur happiness.

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