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Proud Nigerian Mom, Agatha Benson, Celebrates Daughter’s Graduation From US Military By Recounting Her Eerie Disciplinary Methods

Proud Nigerian Mom, Agatha Benson, Celebrates Daughter’s Graduation From US Military By Recounting Her Eerie Disciplinary Methods

Seeing ones children excel at their chosen field is a beautiful feeling for every mom. A proud Nigerian mom whose daughter, Major Tokunbo Benson graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College on Thursday, August 16, 2018; has narrated how she taught her daughter discipline.

On celebrating her beautiful daughter, Agatha Benson recounted an incident when her daughter, who was in elementary school as at the time and her classmates disrespected their teacher.

The school had summoned all the parents for a meeting but Agatha Benson got there ahead of the other parents and requested for the school paddle with which she spanked her daughter in the presence of the students and school authorities.

After that act of discipline, she said she never got called to the school for any negative reason again. She likewise said her rule in raising her children was to “disgrace them in presence of everybody” if she ever heard that they were being disrespectful to authority.

The proud and excited mom shared photos of her 2 daughters who are both in the US Army, and said they took after their father who was a military man.

The single mom has been praised by social media users for raising her daughters right.

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”Major Tokunbo Benson, who graduated from US Army Command and General Staff College August 16, 2018. She and classmates in elementary school disrespected their teacher in Birmingham, Alabama USA. Parents were called in by the school Principal.

Corporal punishment is allowed in Alabama State. Before parents arrived, I was there before them. I went to Major Tokunbo Benson’s Principal. I said to her Principal. Can I have the school paddle? He handed the paddle over to me.

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I spanked her with the paddle before the students, Principal, Assistant Principal, and her Teacher. I said to her how much Teachers are paid to be disrespected.

Since then I didn’t go to school for use of Corporal Punishment. My rule of thumb was if my children disrespect their elders, Teachers, authority, and public, I’ll be at the school or anywhere to disgrace them in presence of everybody. I never cover up my children misbehaviors.

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Today, Major Tokunbo Benson is commanding soldiers under her. She was once a Company Commander in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. She’s more discipline than me who taught her discipline. Honestly, my children are more discipline than me mostly the girls in the Army.”

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What do you think about her discipline strategies?

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