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Hubby Connives With Doctor to Remove Wife’s Womb Without Her Consent While TV Co-Presenter, Tope Mark-Odigie Makes a Case to Justify this Act

Hubby Connives With Doctor to Remove Wife’s Womb Without Her Consent While TV Co-Presenter, Tope Mark-Odigie Makes a Case to Justify this Act

Some days ago, a Nigerian doctor @DrOlufunmilayo tweeted a shocking story of how a husband in Festac Town, Lagos; connived with his doctor to have his wife’s womb removed just because he didn’t want any more children.

The gist is that there was an agreement between the man and his wife that they would only have 3 children but now, they have 5. After the birth of their 5th child, he connived with the doctor to remove his wife’s womb without her consent.

He said he couldn’t see himself wearing condoms to have sexual intercourse with his own wife. The wife also wouldn’t take birth control pills because they make her bloat.

Reacting to the story, the hosts of TVC’s show “Your View” discussed this matter on their show and one of the presenters, mom-of-3 boys including a set of twins, Tope Mark-Odigie sarcastically opined that for as long as a man married his wife traditionally, he has the right to do whatever he wants with her.

According to her, if we want to do culture, then we should go 100% with it because traditional weddings have been created to give the impression that a woman is being sold to her husband.

”We cannot behave like the western world. We are in Nigeria and we are in Africa. We are a people that will tell a man to prostrate for hundred times to marry one woman.

We are the ones that will ask a man to bring a Million Naira, to bring a goat, to buy everything possible because you are giving over that woman unto the man to take care of her, to make decisions for her, as long as you own her.

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As long as we still live within that rule, we cannot begin to form westernized. We cannot begin to form modernity. We cannot begin to form feminism. Except we want to expunge traditional marriage. So, we are going to do legal wedding which means that I am bound only by the laws of this marriage.

Then if my husband does anything contrary to my legal rights, of which we have shared everything in the marriage 50-50.

If you want to do culture, do culture. If you want to do modern 21st century family setting, then you focus on that. But you cannot eat your cake and have it. In our country, we have prioritized culture more than any other thing.

A man has a right to decide how a woman should look. If he wants her to be slim or be fat he would say add weight. He would tell her I have bought you. I own you. So I tell you how to look. I tell you how I want your body to look. I control your life.”

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The screenshots of the couple’s story…

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  • I really think tope or whatever her name is , is a total idiot and am not sorry to say that. Talk is cheap n she just proved it. Well if this had happened to tope I know she won’t be supporting the man

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