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“Don’t Just Exist, Live!” -Linda Ikeji Flaunts Baby Bump While Advising Followers With This Piece

“Don’t Just Exist, Live!” -Linda Ikeji Flaunts Baby Bump While Advising Followers With This Piece

To celebrate the entry into a new month, Linda Ikeji took to Instagram to share some bedroom photos that indicated she woke up happy.

The self acclaimed richest blogger in Africa also wrote a long epistle to inspire her followers, fans and supporters urging them to not just exist, but to live their lives because it can only be lived once.

See photos and what she wrote below:

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”Happy New Month from baby J and I…????????. Wishing you and yours a miracle-filled month! Massive hug! I hope you’re truly happy and not pretending to be

I hope you’re rich and successful and not pretending to be

I hope you’re truly nice and kind and not pretending to be

I hope you truly love and know God and not pretending you do

I hope you’re not breaking inside but pretending to be strong

I hope your heart and soul is not filled with pain but pretending your life is perfect

I hope you’re as okay as your smile, dressing and demeanor makes you look

I hope you’re not a battered, unhappy girlfriend/wife but pretending to be in love, well treated and lucky to have him in your life.
I hope you’re not holding on to people who don’t deserve you, and realise that your value doesn’t decrease because someone doesn’t see your worth

I hope you’re strong enough to let go of things that hurt and break you instead of holding on to it and dealing with so much pain

I hope your job gives you fulfillment instead of struggling through it every day

I hope you no matter how difficult it gets, you never stop chasing your dreams

I hope your life is as great as you make it look on social media

I hope you appreciate the things in your life; like family & good health

I hope you’re okay with making mistakes instead of faking perfection

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I hope you know that you matter and your life counts

I hope you sleep well at night and not have to drink or cry yourself to sleep

I hope you have peace of mind & your soul is not tormented or in turmoil

I hope your demons don’t push you over the edge

I hope you don’t pay attention to people who don’t like you and try to bring you down and concentrate on those who do and try to lift you up
I hope you’re wise enough to know who your true friends are

I hope the enemies who want to come between you & your blessings, fall and die by fire

I hope you’re truly your authentic self and not pretending to be someone you’re not and forget who you are

I hope more than all this, that you’re living the life you prayed for and if you’re not, that at least you’re living a decent life and working towards making it a good or a great life. This is the only chance we get to live. Just this one time. So pls don’t EXIST…LIVE! You owe it to urself!”

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