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4 Reasons To Enlist Your Little Child’s Help In The Kitchen Irrespective of their Sexes

4 Reasons To Enlist Your Little Child’s Help In The Kitchen Irrespective of their Sexes

By Eyinade Eweje

Usually, children are always excited to be mama and papa’s little assistant in the kitchen. For them, it’s one of the numerous ways to have fun, boys and girls alike. However, they are told off often times. Enlist their help and watch their kitchen confidence grow.

The tasks to assign depend on their age, ability, temperament and how patient you can be in guiding and helping them contain the mess.

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Find a few reasons to enlist their help in the kitchen from as early as possible:

  1. A Fun Chance to Bond. Your child gets to explore, develop new skills and interact with you as you jointly produce a tasty menu from scratch to finish. Add more thrill by taking a few fun pictures while at it. Invite daddy to help with that to get him involved too.
  1. A Chance to Learn About Nutrition. Combining different healthy ingredients offers an effortless chance to teach your child about the nutritional benefits of each. Of course, you’ll need to read up and be sure you are dishing out the right information to your little buddy – you know you’ll definitely be quoted. You don’t want to be embarrassed by the number of erroneous ‘mummy saids’ in the company of folks who know better later on.

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  1. Learning New Words. For young children, it also offers a chance to help increase their vocabulary as they get to learn new words including the different names of kitchen tools and cookware, cooking ingredients, and so on. Devise ways to help them use these new words in simple sentences.
  2. Healthy Eating Habits. Having your child help with cooking also increases chances they’ll eat the meal you’re offering. Ultimately, as they grow and groom their culinary skills, they will be able to independently treat themselves to varieties of healthy foods, especially when living away from home.

To minimize kitchen accidents, take safety precautions, including, keeping the kitchen floor dry, creating a working area away from the oven, putting sharp kitchen tools such as knives out of reach and using non-breakable or plastic bowls and plates.

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