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Why You Should “Try A Little More With Your Appearance During School Drop-Offs” – Mom Lectures Other Moms | They React

Why You Should “Try A Little More With Your Appearance During School Drop-Offs” – Mom Lectures Other Moms | They React

Most moms know that the process of school drop-offs in the mornings could be hectic.

Here’s what an average mom’s daily routine looks like: It starts with getting the kids off their comfortable beds, to giving them a bath or supervising their bath times, to dressing them up for school, ensuring the little ones have their shoes on, to making breakfast and getting them to actually eat, to packing their lunch for school, to ensuring that they do not get to school late and it goes on.

Familiar routine, right?!

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As hectic as all of these could get, most moms do not have the luxury of ‘personal care’ time; the focus is always on the kids.

However, there are some people who expect a certain standard of grooming for moms at ‘school drop-off’ time.

An anonymous mom took to Facebook to lament the appearance of other moms who would arrive at their kids’ schools in the mornings, looking not so good. She urged those moms to ‘try a little’ and ‘take some pride’, asking what their husbands think of them looking so not together.

See her post below:

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METRO GRAB FACEBOOK Woman shames other parents for the way they dress to drop off their kids

The post was shared via Facebook by Sanctimommy and it has since generated a lot of reactions from other moms who saw perceived it as judgmental and insulting.

Referring to what her husband thinks of her ‘school drop-off’ look, a Facebook user, Marybeth Lindstrom commented:

“He’s thinking “thank God I don’t have to get out of bed to drop these fucking kids off” but thanks for your concern.
And like, just for the record, my husband also isn’t putting concealer on for the drop off line, but I don’t judge him it’s called MARRIAGE and it’s about loving the face your spouse was born with sorry your marriage is one lipstick-less day from an affair”

See more hilarious comments below:

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Another mom, Angi Boldt commented:

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Cause I’m going back to bed after drop off. Duh!

Are you a mom on this table? What do you think about this mom’s submission?

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