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10-Years-Challenge: Daddy Freeze Reflects On His Failed Marriage And Flourishing Church

10-Years-Challenge: Daddy Freeze Reflects On His Failed Marriage And Flourishing Church

While most social media users and celebrities are participating in the trending 10-year-challenge with photo collages showing how much they have changed in the spate of 10 years and left it at that, Daddy Freeze is using the challenge to reflect on his failed marriage, depression, and other battles.

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The controversial OAP who never minces words on any subject that interests him, including his failed marriage to his first wife and mother of his two kids, Opeyemi, in his 10-year-challenge said his marriage was horrible and his colleagues could not stand his guts 10 years ago.

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Reflecting further, he said he was doing quite well financially 10 years ago but that was all he had going as he was greatly depressed, but he is in a new place, with a woman he enjoys a wholesome relationship with, as well as his thriving #Freethesheeple gospel that he says has restored hope to many people.

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In true Daddy Freeze version, his take on the 10-year-challenge was not over until he took a swipe at the Pentecostal churches.

See his full post below…

“This #10yearschallenge really got me thinking…..

10 years ago I was doing quite well financially, substantially better than I am now. I could walk into a shop and spend money on a rolex, mille or a Cartier watch without thinking twice….

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I was also doing a lot in the Pentecostal church I was attending then….But the ‘doing well’ ended there. I was in a horrible marriage, I was going through depression and my colleagues at work hated my guts, in short there was a hole in my soul.

Fast forward 10 years later, I’m not doing as well financially, but my life has so much more meaning. My existence has definition and purpose, people come from across the world to hear me teach the scriptures, my communication with God is awesome in spirit and in truth, I have the most wonderful woman on earth, @tastebudzng beside me, believing in me. Against all odds we set up a church that is flourishing, souls are being won daily while we clean up the mess many Pentecostal churches are leaving behind.

Morale of the story; money is empty, hollow, and transient so NEVER let it determine the yardstick for measuring your success, instead value and purpose should. Your pastors have taught you to rate money very high, this is why a lot of people would say “Daddy Freeze is a failure, he is not a billionaire, he is still an employee of @coolfmlagos.” Well according to those standards Christ and the disciples were failures also, they were neither billionaires nor entrepreneurs.

I still love watches, cars and the good things of life; they light up my heart, but when I get a call from someone broken saying “Daddy Freeze your message saved me from suicide” or “Daddy Freeze, I knew if you picked my call my problem would be solved” or “Daddy Freeze, you have shown me scriptures I never knew existed and you have made me study the scriptures more”, my soul lights up! “

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