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Dear MIMsters: Should I Change My Son’s School Or Wait For The School Management?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Change My Son’s School Or Wait For The School Management?

Should I change my son’s school or wait for the school management?

I’m a single mother of one. My 4 year old son suddenly started losing interest in going to school. This is his third year in his current school. He had no problem in his first and second year there. But as soon as the school resumed this session, he started complaining about his new teacher.

First, he told me his teacher asked him not to come to school with food (breakfast) anymore apart from snacks. He also complains that his teacher always beats him because he’s a slow eater and doesn’t allow him eat the school lunch (already paid for by me), whenever he takes breakfast to school. My mum also told me that he sometimes returns home with his breakfast but will hungrily demand for food as soon as the school bus drops him off.

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I never took all his complaints seriously until he started showing no interest in going to school. I’ve met with his teacher to address the issue. Surprisingly, she didn’t deny everything my son told me, instead, she rudely told me that she can only permit snacks for breakfast till 1.p.m when the school lunch is served.

Meanwhile, his school bus arrives to pick him up at 6.15 a.m and drops him at home at 6 p.m against my wish. So, there’s no way he will eat breakfast that early before he leaves home.

Before the Christmas break, I went to his school unannounced to drop something for him. When I got to his class, I met him sitting alone and he looked unhappy, while his classmates were busy playing around. The problem now is, he has developed sudden hatred for school.

When school resumed for this term, he cried that he didn’t want to return to his former teacher’s class and wanted to move to another class. Presently, he’s crying that he doesn’t want to go back to school anymore. He has also lost so much weight.

Surprisingly, this is the same boy who used to pick his bag even on Saturdays to go school. I’ve spoken with the school Headmistress about the situation of things and requested they change his class. She queried me for not reporting to the school management earlier but also persuaded me to exercise some patience as she would address the issue with his teacher and start observing him before they decide whether to move him or not.

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I’m really tired of beating and forcing him to go to school.

Meanwhile, from my investigation, I was told that other kids in my son’s class have the same problem with their teacher and they were moved to another class as requested by their parents. Let me not forget to say, I’m really disappointed in the management of this school as it’s one of the reputable schools in Lagos. I’m really bothered about this new development and don’t know what to do.

This is the second term, will it be too late to change his school now or what should I do?

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