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Ex-BBN Housemate Uriel Oputa Schools A Troll On The Subject Of Family And Sacrifice

Ex-BBN Housemate Uriel Oputa Schools A Troll On The Subject Of Family And Sacrifice

Big Brother Naija former Housemate Uriel Oputa has taken to her Instagram page to school a troll who compared her to  another housemate as more successful at the same time berating her for not having a car. The reality star had apparently begged her fans for a car gift but the troll found it distatseful and called her out for it.

Well, the troll was in the wrong place because everyone knows Uriel to not shy away from speaking her mind whenever she gets the chance. Besides, Uriel’s love for family is something she has never hidden, and her reason for not owning a car yet according to her is not unrelated to her ‘Cross’ referring to her ailing mum who needs routine medical checks that cost money.

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The reality star’s mum is coping with a health condition, likely stroke that has put her in a wheelchair and makes it difficult for her to  look after herself. Uriel being her first child and only daughter took it upon herself to provide love and dote on her mother including taking her on beautiful dates to every now and then.

The celebrity’s sacrifice and care for her mum is not hard to spot because she often shares pictures of them together, and they apparently ride in taxis if they have to go out together because according to her, she needs a car that is comfortable enough to accommodate her mum’s wheelchair.

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The Instagram troll @igba_ka_igba had written:

“u r here begging for car and endorsement

while Alex that just came out has plenty endorsement

and her birthday gift was a Venza jeep, fool”

Uriel replied her in a lengthy post about the burden of  sacrifice and responsibilities that comes with having to take care of a dependent and ailing parent.

Read Uriel’s full post below:

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“Firstly My Name is Ada Uriel Ngozika Chukwu Oputa… Not Alex.. I love her so much. She’s Hot!!
Secondly I Never judge or Compare my Life style to anyone’s we all have a different cross to bare.. How can I look at another women like Alex who’s working hard like myself and Hate?? NEVER. MEHN.. I NO GET BAD BELLE OO .I SLEEP EASY.
YES I DO WANT A CAR @igba_ka_igba but like I said we all have a Cross to bare.. If I really wanted to buy a Car I could but we all have a Cross to bare . When you are constantly paying for round the clock Care for a Sick parent then maybe you will understand the pressure.. We all have cross to bare.
I’m not looking at a Fancy Car but a wheelchair friendly Car so I’m able to get my mum from point A to B.

Lastly Check well since I left the big brother house I’ve been Signing deals back to back.. working back to back .. I’m not going to sit here and Lie healthcare of my mum is worth more than anything.. as long as she’s alive.. I would ride taxis all day.
This is why I’m still relevant today… I Work HARD.

Now my small minded sister..
Love always lives Here. Not hate because I would end up looking like you
Damn that would be a disaster.
P.s I’ve worked with so many brands and I’m about to Add a international brand to the Bill..

Hate does not Live Here
Keep working I’m me you are you..
Don’t allow negativity into your Space..
I responded because even when your working people will say you No Get Job”

See the original post below:

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