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How To Be Intentional In Your Parenting

How To Be Intentional In Your Parenting

Being intentional makes a world of difference in virtually all of human endeavours. There is huge difference in results from endeavours that are done deliberately or with a consciousness of an end-goal than for those that aren’t approached with same attitude.

What better instance to apply intentional behaviour than when you are raising your own mini-me little human?

Find below 8 ideas on how to parent intentionally and raise amazing kids that you and society will be proud of:

1. Reflect On How You Were Raised

Think back to the time that you were growing up. How you were raised, what you were told, how and what you were taught, and how the summation of those things played out as you grew up. This can help you determine what methods to adopt or eschew in your own parenting relationship with your child.

2. Look To A Positive Role model

Look to a role-model for tips. ¬†Nobody is perfect but it is easy to tell when a person or family is doing quite well with their parenting.Whether it was someone you knew from way back at a distance or someone who is parenting now. If there’s someone you admire as a parent, talk to them and ask questions. Figure out what works for them and how they feel they can grow.

3. Communicate With Your Spouse

A key component of intentional parenting is for parents to have one voice when teaching or raising their kids. Communicate with your spouse to agree on what parenting methods you both want to adopt with raising your kids.

It is important that you have a united front as co-parents when raising your kids intentionally.

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4. Visualise What Character You Want Your Child To Have

What type of person do you want your child to be? How do you want them to treat others? How do you want them to act? Think about these things and mould your child with cooperation from your spouse along that path.

When you actually take time to think about and visualise those aspects of your child’s life, you are being intentional and should expect to have amazing results with how your child turns out.

5.  Create A Routine To Help Your Child Succeed

Routines are important. As your child learns and grows, having an organised schedule that they know is in place will help them be prepared for the day. There’s hardly success without discipline, helping your child work with routines will help him cultivate habits that will ultimately prepare him to succeed.

6. Be Consistent

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Consistency is the key to succeeding at anything including parenting. When you and your partner have decided how things are going to run, stick to it!

Successful Parenting is not a day job and you will have to follow through with the standards you have set and not take he easy way out whenever it is convenient.

When you set a standard, stick to it; nothing is more confusing to a child than fluctuating standards especially from a parent.

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7. Drop The Phone

Be present. Take that time to mute the TV, put the phone down, put away the tablet and give your undivided attention to your child. It is the least you could do to show them how much they mean to you, plus you don’t want them justifying same behaviour if they are ever caught doing same to you.

8. Spend Time With Your Child

Life can get super busy that if you do not make deliberate effort, you would totally miss out on having a relationship with your child. You are not just a provider and disciplinarian to your child, get to know them more personally, and participate in activities they like to do. By spending time with your child you get to show them how to be instead of just telling them.

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