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New Dad, Jim Iyke, Talks Fatherhood And How It Is Reshaping His Thoughts On Being A Man

New Dad, Jim Iyke, Talks Fatherhood And How It Is Reshaping His Thoughts On Being A Man

Nigerian actor and dad-of-two, James Ikechukwu Esomugha, popularly known as Jim Iyke, has taken to his Instagram page to talk about how special family is and how being a father has made a joke of  being a ‘strong’ man.

The actor who welcomed his second child a few weeks back in his emotional Instagram post revealed that despite believing in principle that a man is not supposed to cry, he found himself unable to hold back tears as he was about parting with his new baby and his mother at the airport.

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The actor/entrepreneur who apparently was on his way to Paris, mentioned that it was hard to part with his family and especially his newborn. He talked about being unable to keep the tears from coming but he had to get back to business to return in a few months.

He added that he became emotional in that moment and now believes love for family is stronger than the principle that says men are not supposed to cry.

Read his full caption below:

A man is not supposed to cry. I believe it principally. Kids know with a certain primordial instinct beyond logic when there’s a parting.

My guy started bawling for no apparent reason. I gave him a warm bottle at the airport, kissed him and his mama and walked away abruptly.

I’m gon hold myself together till I’m in the comfort of my seat. I’ll cry quietly for 20 mins. I hv my oversized shades to obscure suspicions, no worries.

A quick dab with a handkerchief as if I were wiping sweat then I’ll order a stiff gin and tonic and mentally calm down as I’ve trained myself to do.

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See u in a couple of months my guy. Apparently, Papa is not as strong as he deemed this particular principle. Love is stronger. It is unquestionable. 

Back to work. Back to my regiment to get rid of the daddy weight ????
Wish me safe flight guys. 
God bless. 

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