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INSIGHTFUL: Eriata Ese Writes On Marriage, Love & What Is Wrong With Today’s Couples

INSIGHTFUL: Eriata Ese Writes On Marriage, Love & What Is Wrong With Today’s Couples

Nollywood actress, model and most popularly known as an ex-Big Brother Naija fake housemate of class 2017, Ese Eriata might not have ever been married but she’s obviously miffed about the spate of marriage breakups in recent times.

The curvy beauty poured out her heart about how love and marriage have become a joke in this century. In a lengthy post she shared via Instagram, Ese noted that true love is hard to find these days, as material things have taken over and made a priority in relationship.

Below is what she wrote…

“A lot has changed in this century. Love is not what it use to be… Back then love was all that mattered. We didn’t use to care about fancy houses and cars, we didn’t use to mind flying okada with someone we are in love with, we didn’t use to bother if there was no money to buy fancy shoes and clothes, all we wanted was just one another and build our dreams with amazing and beautiful words.

On a weekend night when there was no money to hang out and have fun we just stay at home in bed listen to the best kind of R & B and just cuddle till morning and wake up like we had the best night ever, or watch movies in bed, then it was ok to buy fast food and ice cream just to surprise us.

Sometimes a little teddy bear, love letters and cards was like the best surprise ever and the feeling was always genuine and pure with so much love in the heart. Love was unconditional and true, then we never had a reason why we loved that special someone, their flaws looked perfect in our eyes, love use to be beautiful and true until everything changed.

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Now it’s all based on material things, a woman’s first sentence is “he has to be rich” “he has to be cute”, now they wanna be with the ones buying tables at the club, someone who can gift them luxury items, someone who can take them on vacation, someone who can take them to the nicest restaurant in town.

Then the men goes “ she has to be very pretty” “must have nice body” “must be light skin” “must be fashionable” “must know how to speak well, they just want someone that when their friends see her they are gonna be like “wow your girl is hot”. They don’t even wanna see beyond the inner beauty from the start.

Breakfast in bed now is a joke to some people, singing for someone You love even though your voice ain’t all that is even a bigger joke now, feels like no body has time for that anymore.

Cooking or washing dishes together is like punishment now, it’s no longer considered as romantic moments. When people say the word “ I love you” it comes from the deepest part of their heart, but now the word “I love you” is like saying “good morning” no regard for the word, it can be said even when it’s not from the heart….”

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The Edo-born budding actress added in another post:

“Back then, when there’s an issue in a relationship, both parties will be sad and down like their life is about to end, their days would be worthless and meaningless, but now when there’s an issue; it’s an avenue to cheat and do all sort

When love was love cheating wasn’t even an option, being honest and open was so easy, letting people know you are in love with someone was a thing of pride, PDA (Public Display of Affection) was never an issue, but now some people think it’s crazy and childish.

Now marriage is a joke, people now walk in and walk out like it’s a class room, no body wants to ever admit their wrong, pride has set in and being loyal now seem like a big deal, there’s no longer an understanding that things ain’t meant to be rosy all the time, having patience and tolerance ain’t as easy as it use to be and jumping into conclusion is the other of the day.

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Most women go into marriage because they want to be financially comfortable, that’s why they never remain in the marriage when financial crisis occurs, they move onto the next one, then the men just want to marry a beautiful woman who has a good job/business and then when child birth disfigures her body they start looking for younger girls.

They can’t cope with your flaws because they never saw your inner beauty from the start, they didn’t think that the reason why you look like that is because you agreed to be a mum and a wife, Lying to someone we love was so difficult, but now they’ll look you in the eye and lie to you without raising brows of guilt or even feel guilty.

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Now everybody wants a trophy relationship that is based on luxury activities, why? Because social media happened, everybody wants to be talked about on the media and in the society.

What happened with loving someone without caring what people think? What happened to loving someone for who they are and not what they look like or have?


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