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Single Mum & Blogger, Blessing Okoro Lists 10 Lessons Learned From Social Media Last Month

Single Mum & Blogger, Blessing Okoro Lists 10 Lessons Learned From Social Media Last Month

Relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro who recently had herself all over the news for the wrong reasons has shared the lessons she learned.

It would be recalled that last month, the single mom of two had made an ownership claim to a house that didn’t belong to her but a China-based Nigerian businessman called Onye Eze.

The move prompted Eze to call her out and a video of her being humiliated on her knees and in handcuffs surfaced online. In the video, she was made to confess that the house didn’t belong to her. The drama didn’t end there, however, as more videos surfaced with Okoro insisting the said house belongs to her and there was only a mix up.

After a lengthy back and forth, Okoro admitted that she lied about the ownership of the mansion and only wanted to use it to inspire herself as she had earlier set a goal for herself which she couldn’t meet up with.

Okoro in a new post appears to be finding her voice again after the public embarrassment she suffered in the month of May following the ‘New House’ stunt, and today, she has now shared 10 lessons she learned the hard way in the month of MAY on social media.

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1) Private life is a peaceful life .

2) Keep your achievements private share only your dreams .

3) Not every body who follow you loves you and many who don’t follow you can still love you .

4) Too many witches and wizard here they no longer live in shrines they are here in the media behind there keypad.

5 ) Nobody really care about you they just get entertained.

6) I learnt never to explain or prove a point to anyone again , I live with my truth .

7) I learnt to inspire people more and give more because some people need help .

8) I learnt to pray , pray so hard and start going to church .

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9) I learnt to speak less, act more, never to take people words personal. I rather block them from my space

10) Finally I also learnt how to cry, fear and talk to myself to forgive, forget and move on because Nkiruka.

My name is Okoro Blessing Nkiruka. Call me a survivor.”

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Last month, we happily reported the news Blessing Okoro who claimed to be marking her 30th birthday, eight (8) years after her husband drove her out of their shared one room apartment. According to Miss Okoro, God turned the shame of those years to joy for her, as she showed off a 7-bedroom mansion which she said was her 30th birthday gift to herself.

Her grass to grace story resonated with many people, but it turned out the single mum was merely keeping up appearances and lying without provocation.

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