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Social Commentator, JJ. Omojuwa Schools Men On How To Treat Family Members Who Disrespect Their Wives |  The Reactions Are Quite Scary

Social Commentator, JJ. Omojuwa Schools Men On How To Treat Family Members Who Disrespect Their Wives |  The Reactions Are Quite Scary

It is common, in this part of the world, to see some family members disrespecting a man’s wife. Perhaps this is because they still regard the woman as an outsider who is not welcome to their family.

Well, popular Nigerian blogger, public speaker, socio-economic, political commentator and social media expert, Japheth Omojuwa, has shared his opinion on the matter on his Twitter page, suggesting what married men can do to their relatives who do not show respect their wives respect.

According to him, a man with such disrespectful family members should make it known, whenever they ask for money, that the wife is now in charge of all the finances in the house. He added that such a statement will make the family member ‘shrink before your eyes’.

Advising married men, he tweeted:

“If you have relatives that don’t respect your wife, the next time they ask you for money, tell them your wife is now the Central Bank Governor and Coordinating Minister of the Domestic Economy. All monetary requests go through her. Watch a human being shrink before your eyes.”

Well, several Nigerians are of the opinion that handling the issue in such manner will only set the wife up for more disrespect and hatred.

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See some scary comments below:

Toni Payne, singer 9ice‘s ex wife commented:

Believe them o. Trust me. The next thing you will hear is “o ti ro efo fun” and what will follow will take plenty of wisdom to handle. I don’t wish for any woman to marry into a family like that. Poverty and greed is a dangerous mix.

The replies under this thread scare me even more about the stress of marrying into the wrong naija family. The sad part is that most are valid. Imagine spiritual and other attacks over money that you did not earn. That sense of entitlement to someone else’s money. Madness!!

A man wrote:

That’s if you allow them do so. Let them increase any heat, you as the man MUST be able to shield and protect your wife from them. That’s your job, no stories!

A man wrote:

Trust me that’s a dangerous move when you have a desperate and wicked Yoruba family members. There’s no point inviting war to a peaceful home but if there’s a strong spiritual backup, you can flex your muscles a little and prepare to go to war.

Another added:

See, no matter how you love your wife, deal with your family directly. Let them know you are the one taking the decisions that relates to them either right or wrong. Don’t set your wife up. It is easier to prevent a problem than solving it.

A fifth man wrote:

You will generate more hatred for her cos they would start seeing you as a vegetable… If you know you know.

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Another commented:

This won’t buy her respect, only loyalists! You are also setting her up for chaos & hatred. Use wisdom to know who to & who not to direct to her. But unsolicited gifting should be her, even if its your idea, you can also deny knowledge when they come to thank you instead of her.

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Another added:

By doing that can bring her into war with family members, the next thing you will be hearing is she has used our son head.

A married Twitter user replied Omojuwa, writing:

“True. I did this and they learned humility. This is wisdom!”

Another man replied him saying:

”Lucky for you sir. Not always the case. In 70% of family you mention the statement alone… you’ve planted a seed of danger. (More hatred, dissent, and spiritual attack “might” even set in) Great wisdom is needed here. Aswear na difficult thing.”

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