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Warning Signs You Are Raising A Spoilt Child

Warning Signs You Are Raising A Spoilt Child

Often times we see children behave in a manner we disapprove of and we can’t fathom how their parents let them become so spoilt. We can’t imagine having our own children behave that way either, however, struggling with understanding a child’s behaviour is something many parents experience and sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re guilty of spoiling as well.

There’s something all parents have in common and that is making the happiness and wellbeing of their child paramount, if that is the case, you could easily slip into the error of over pampering our child without even realising it.

Ultimately, it is important to note that a spoilt child does not happen overnight, it took time and a process. Check out the warning signs below:

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1. You Accommodate Tantrums

It can start off as occasional whining, then it escalates into throwing a fit when you try to tell him ‘no’, or outright disobeying you on purpose when he gets upset, knowing fully well, you will yield to his demands if you want peace. In other words, you permit disrespect and allow your toddler to boil over you. You encourage him to threaten and coerce you into giving in to his every request, you are raising a spoiled kid.

2. You Allow Him To Ignore You

Overpampered children often want to do things when they want to, so they tend to ignore instructions. They pretend not to hear and deliberately ignore you. It can get so bad that you begin to wonder if they have hearing issues. If you allow this to go on while making excuses for them, you are definitely over pampering your toddler.

3. You Deliver Empty Threats

Again, because your toddler has gotten accustomed to calling the shots and having his way all the time, you may have to resort to empty threats to make them act appropriately. Empty threats hold no value and can be effective the first two times before your spoiled kid calls your bluff.

If your relationship with your toddler has descended to the point where you always have to scream out your lungs and issue empty threats to bring about appropriate behaviour, you’re a raising a spoiled child.

4. You Always Ride In On A White Horse To Save The Day

You have made it your duty to consistently bail out your kid and fix every of their negligence because you just don’t want them to experience consequences or difficult emotions. You are inconsistent with expectations and consequences and frankly, it is unfair to expect your child to know what to do when you’ve been inconsistent.

So, you or your partner have given them a deadline for tomorrow to sort their toys and nothing started yet?

 “OK. Don’t panic.  Let’s see what I can organise …  I’ll see how to put this all together.”

You remember all their schedules, check their bag is packed correctly, constantly remind them of things they need to do … and they never learn how to plan or take responsibility for their own belongings.  Why bother?  They have ‘staff’!

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5. They Have Superiority Complex

Spoilt kids have an inflated ego, no thanks to your many compliments, “Well done for saying ‘Thank you'”. Your kids are amazing, no doubt, and you love them to bits, but showering them with superlative praise will trick them into having an exaggerated opinion of themselves.

6. You Need To Bribe Your Child To Get Things Done

You’re too tired to deal with yet another hour-long power struggle, especially when nothing else seems to work, so, you do the next thing that works always, you bribe your child. But bribes are a short-term solution that can backfire.

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And finally, bribes don’t nurture a sense of goodwill or instill the values you want to teach. Instead, you’ll be raising an entitled spoiled child. Be kind but firm.

7. You Allow Your Child Interrupt 

You permit them to barge into your conversations without restraint. You are so attentive that you will drop whatever you are doing to focus on their requests, no matter how trivial.  They get to make choices for the whole family and decide what restaurant everyone should go to. They never have to wait, nor understand how to wait their turn.

8. You Apologise For Disciplining Them

Yes, they were out of order and you confiscated their favourite game or sent them to their room, but then it broke your heart to see them distressed and disappointed.  So you apologise (even when they don’t!) and hug their tears away.  The entitled child never learns how to feel remorse, take responsibility for their actions or accept punishment without complaint.

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9. They Take People For Granted

They barely acknowledge the people who serve them  – bus drivers, cleaners, shop assistants, waiting staff – let alone show politeness and consideration. They demonstrate a low level of empathy and are frequently rude and dismissive towards others.

10. They Are Never Satisfied

The spoilt child is never content or grateful for what they have.  They always want more. They do not understand boundaries, moderation or the meaning of the word ‘enough’. They constantly try to guilt-trip you into getting more than they are entitled to.

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