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BBNaija Star, Alex Unusual Chronicles Her Life As A Single Woman And It Sounds Like Fun

BBNaija Star, Alex Unusual Chronicles Her Life As A Single Woman And It Sounds Like Fun

Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra, known as Alex Unusual is presently one of the students of New York Film Academy. The Big Brother Naija star girl has chronicled her life as a single woman and is embracing it.

Alex posted the story on her Instagram page and asked her fans to share theirs. It has been an interesting read.

Enjoy below:

SOME DAYS. She completes her 8 hours sleep because she didn’t have to stay up all night hoping someone gets home safe or someone doesn’t spend all their money in a club or on friends ?. #caring

She achieves all she mapped out for a day because she isn’t thinking about how to call and apologize or waiting for someone to call and apologize ??. #lessworrys
She goes to bed happy because she has no worries ?. #peace

She goes to bed sad because she had a rough day but there’s no one to talk to ?. #alone
She sits for hours on calls listening to and solving “he said that,she did that” issues for friends ?. #wahala

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She plays dress up and talks to herself with loud background music ?. #fun

She has the best time by herself when she is out on trips ??‍♀️. #memories

She gets irritated because a certain him and her have decided to be on her case all night instead of watching the movie they all went out to watch, topic being ( you need someone ?) #lifeofathirdwheel.

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She is irritated by all the “can we go on a date, when are you free, just give me a chance, bla bla bla” and some people calling by 11pm to check up!! (You are killing my battery brothers in the lord ?). #leavemeoo

She takes herself shopping as she and avoids “after all I’ve done for you “ ? as she doesn’t have the required pay back to give ?. #responsible

She has a life filled with stories and adventures as everyday brings a new experience ??☺️?. #journey
A lot more to type but She decides to stop here ?. #story.

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