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Do You Know What The Colour Of Your Menstruation Says About Your Health? You Need To Read This

Do You Know What The Colour Of Your Menstruation Says About Your Health? You Need To Read This

Most of us aren’t exactly eager when our period shows up but have you wondered why the colour of your period blood changes.

Note that when your period first starts the blood is red in appearance, but later in the cycle the color shifts to a dark red. This change in color is completely normal.

However if you have any other color all through your period, it could indicate something else. The Health Place shared the lists of the colors of your period blood and what it means.

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Gray discharge: May be a sign of Bacterial vaginosis.

Orange period blood: If the blood is orange and sticky, or if you have a fever and/or severe pain in your abdomen — it’s possible there’s an infection going on.

Purple period blood: It’s a possible indicator of excess levels of estrogen. It comes with Large clots, stabbing pains; Intense cramps and Extremely heavy flow.

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Pink Period blood: This could mean low levels of estrogen due to perimenopause, primary ovarian insufficiency, or the birth control pill.

Black Period Blood: Usually at the beginning or end of a period could be a lack of circulation – Many women shed their uterine lining at a slower pace.

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Dark Brown Period Blood: Darker blood indicates normal, rising levels of estrogen. It could also point to a thicker uterine lining.

Red Period Blood: Red period blood indicates a normal, healthy flow.

Bright Red Blood: Could be an indication of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, submucosal fibroid, endometrial or cervical polyp, endometrial or cervical cancer, or an ovarian cyst.

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