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Potty Training Expert, Amanda Jenner Shares Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Ditch Diapers

Potty Training Expert, Amanda Jenner Shares Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Ditch Diapers

The time  comes in every child’s life when the appropriate next thing to do is ditch the nappy or diapers and start potty training. But this stage can be incredibly challenging and even exhausting – for both the parents and their younglin. Thankfully there are potty training experts out there who can give you a helping hand when you’re getting ready to ditch the diaper.

One such expert is mum-of-three and author of Potty Training Magic, Amanda Jenner.With a wealth of knowledge about toilet training under her belt, Amanda spoke to Mirror Online, sharing some of her top tips for families.

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According to the expert, each child is different and you shouldn’t compare your little one to anyone else.

“Two and a half, to three and a half years, is the average age to start potty training and it’s a good time,”

she says.

Some children are ready at two, but it depends on the child and whether they are showing signs of readiness, as there’s no point trying to teach them something if they’re not ready.

The most important thing is not to compare your toddler to others, we’re great at doing that, but you just get yourself all in a tizz.”

So how are you supposed to know when your child is ready? Amanda says there are several key signs to look out for.

These include your little one stopping in their tracks and looking down at their nappy, recognising their bodily functions as they happen and insisting on having their nappy changed right away.

She explains:

And it’s not just the toddler who needs to be ready – mum and dad do too!

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“You need to make sure you’re ready as well,”

advises Amanda.

“Have a couple of days together as a family to find your feet when you start toilet training.

“If you’ve got too many things on, it’s not going to work as you need to be able to pay attention to your child.”

She adds that it’s not worth starting right away if you’ve just moved house or your child has started a new nursery as they need to be settled and comfortable going into theach potty training phase. The same goes if they, or you are ill, wait until everyone is feeling 100 percent better before giving training a go.

Amanda shows off her book shetitled ‘Potty Training Magic’:

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