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Dear MIMsters: Is My Child’s Welfare Not Worth Sacrificing My Marriage For?

Dear MIMsters: Is My Child’s Welfare Not Worth Sacrificing My Marriage For?

Is my child’s welfare and well being not worth sacrificing my marriage for?

Dear singles, never go into any marriage if your man is not financially stable and you are not gainfully employed, be sure that he has money in his account that can comfortably feed, cloth and shelter you in the next 3 years. This is my humble advice based on what I have experienced.

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Here goes my story…

I am tired and I want to leave my marriage. He is not abusive, neither is he a cheat. In fact, he is all I want in a man but the way and manner poverty is dealing with us is not funny or manageable anymore, especially with my child.

When I met him, he was earning N50k and living fine. Together with proceeds from my little business,  it’s was a good start for us until he lost his job and he became dependant on my income from my business. Unfortunately, my business closed down due to this.

Since then, it’s been hell for us. The food I eat, is no longer for enjoyment but just to satisfy my hunger. Our rent is long overdue and we have been given till December to pay up or park out.

He has a job that pays him only 20k from which he pays the Landlord 10k per month, so we are left to  survive on only N10k in a month.

My child is unable to start school and I can’t buy clothes for my daughter. She is currently wearing clothes passed down her from someone. Nobody wants to employ a woman with a child just incase you think I haven’t looked for a job.

I must emphasize that my husband is a very good man who loves us too much. He goes the extra mile to feed us by he selling his blood for N5k every 3 months so we can eat.

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I have prayed, begged God, trusted and still trusting God for a change but it’s yet to come. I want to leave now, I can’t sit and watch my child suffer so much, I have a friend who lives in Lagos, she said that there are lots of opportunities in Lagos, jobs I can carry my child to. I want to jump at the offer. Should I?  Haven’t I tried enough? Is this a wrong reason to leave my marriage? Is my child’s welfare not worth sacrificing my marriage for?

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