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Nigerian Tech Blogger, Moverick Offers Some Words Of Wisdom To Married Women On Buying Properties In Their Names

Nigerian Tech Blogger, Moverick Offers Some Words Of Wisdom To Married Women On Buying Properties In Their Names

A popular Nigerian tech blogger, Moverick, took to Twitter to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with Nigerians, particularly to couples and those that intend to ply the route of marriage in future.

Moverick’s tweets had been inspired by a post from another user on the platform identified as @ronaldnzimora, advising women to buy properties in their name and also will it to their children. Ronald tweets:

”Dear woman, keep your property IN YOUR NAME. Will it to your children. Let your husband go work, make money and buy his own, in his own name alone if he wants. This world is full of uncertainties. Don’t complicate it further and make it harder for yourself by yourself.”

Reacting to the post, Moverick said the law does not identify couples as a single entity, as such, it is important for all joint documents to carry the name of each partner in the union.

Explaining further, the blogger said it is a good idea for women to buy properties in their name and no one should be offended by such a decision. He, however, added that such women upon buying properties in their names can now decide to will it to their children or husbands.

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See tweets below:

”People are shocked when I tell them the law does not recognize a “Mr & Mrs Tamedun” the way they think. Marriage does not make you one entity under the law. All joint documents must state both your names clearly or else the woman gets the short end. More people need to know this.

And, yes; it is a good idea for the woman to buy her properties and assets in her name. Why does that trigger anyone? Her money, her purchases, her name. She can will her estate to her husband, if she likes. Or better still, share it between him and her children.

But don’t let anyone deceive you with that “You are one” line. Legally, you are not one. Spell out both your names on all joint documents. Spiritually sef, you are not one. On judgement day (whichever version you believe), each of you will answer your case separately. See?

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And dear men, if you are buying all your properties in the name of your wife and/or kids ONLY, you are not being wise either. May you not get shafted as many before you have been, especially in old age. Use both your names. Feel free to use your own name too where you prefer.”

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