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“The Bible is silent on plastic surgery”- Pastor Tony Rapu Addresses The Controversy Around Body Enhancement Surgeries

“The Bible is silent on plastic surgery”- Pastor Tony Rapu Addresses The Controversy Around Body Enhancement Surgeries

With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgeries in an otherwise conservative society as Nigeria, the question of whether body enhancements by surgery are Godly or moral is at the forefront more than ever before. As more questions arise regarding the subject, who best to look to for answers but the clergymen who are the custodian of moral codes? Well, popular Lagos pastor, Tony Rapu, has come out to discredit the argument in some quarters that it is ungodly to have body ehnancements via surgery,  according to him, the Bible is conspicuously silent on the subject, proof that it isn’t wrong to get work done on your body.

In a video he posted on his Instagram page, the clergyman said there is no where in the Bible that says cosmetic surgery is wrong. He pointed out that if a deformity in the body of a person causes them to feel insecure about themselves and it is telling on them emotionally, surgery could be an option.

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He mentioned instances where cancer survivors needed breast augmentation or when the quality of a person’s life could be greatly enhanced by fixing a body part that they are not comfortable with as good reasons for cosmetic surgery. The pastor, however, pointed out that if a plastic surgery is done solely with the aim of becoming more sexually appealling, then there is a problem with such a person psychologically.

In his words:

”The bible is silent about plastic surgery and there is really nothing in it that tells us it is wrong, so there has to be other considerations.

If a person If a person is conscious of a deformity or physical aspect of  his or her body that is causing them some emotional discomfort, then cosmetic surgery is certainly an option.

There are women who have had mastectomies and have had to have breast implants and we know many people who have benefited from surgeries, especially when the surgery is non-invasive and the side effects are minimal.

There really is nothing wrong with enhancing the quality of a person’s life by surgery especially when the person is able to breathe better, walk better, or talk better and especially when psychological health is improved.

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The challenge is when surgery begins to be an attempt to meet an emotional void in a physical way or to attract unnecessary attention to a person, or to seek approval from other people.

In some of these cases, we are then beginning to deal with psychological issues or deep seated insecurities in a person. If surgery is for sexual attractiveness, simply because you want to be found more sexually attractive, then perhaps you are dealing with a deeper issue in terms of esteem.

So if surgery is for enhancing a vanity, then we are dealing with issues internally that surgery would probaby never be able to satisfy”

Watch the video below:

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