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Nigerian Medical Doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo, Enlightens On Why ‘Using Antiseptic Is Unsafe For You Or Your Baby’

Nigerian Medical Doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo, Enlightens On Why ‘Using Antiseptic Is Unsafe For You Or Your Baby’

In a series of tweets, a Nigerian doctor identified as Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo revealed why adding antiseptic liquids to your bathing, or making using of its products, aren’t safe.

The doctor stated that “there is NO evidence that adding “antiseptic” to bathwater makes it safer for you to bath”.

”NEVER add antiseptic to bath water. NEVER add antiseptic to bath water. NEVER add antiseptic to bath water. Waste of time. Waste of money. And it would ruin your skin. There is NO evidence that adding “antiseptic” to bath water makes it safer for you to bath.

The idea that using antiseptic is somehow “superior” or “better” is a SCAM and a MYTH only used in marketing to defraud people. You do NOT need/have to add antiseptic to your bath water.”

Like most doctors have said in the past, Dr Olufunmilayo reiterated that on our skins and inside the woman’s vagina are helpful protective bacteria called “normal flora” which are like foot soldiers that defend and protect our skins and the woman’s vagina from outside infections, but the use of these antiseptic liquids kills and wipe away these protective footsoldiers.

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“And what happens next is, the skin starts having infections and the vagina starts to have a bad odour, terrible discharge and severe itching. This is why you notice that you become very dependent on the antiseptic soap/liquids and your skin can’t do without it.”

In conclusion, he advised that just as the routine use of antibiotics is bad for you- the routine use of antiseptic liquids/soaps is “BAD FOR YOUR SKIN”.

”Stop adding antiseptic to bath water. A simple plain soap and water is perfect for you to have your bath. That’s the truth.

In fact if there’s any risk to routine use of antiseptic liquids- it is the fact that they kill the beneficial bacteria from your skin and allow very dangerous and potentially antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria to thrive. That’s why you keep getting repeated skin problems.

That’s why some of you notice that after using antiseptic liquid in bath water for a long time- the moment you try to stop it- your skin starts breaking out. It’s because the antiseptic made your skin so dependent on it. That’s very very bad for your skin and for your health.

There’s also research suggesting that too long exposure of the skin especially in children may lead to having skin allergies and hay fever- because the lack of exposure to normal bacteria that antiseptic liquids routinely wipe out.

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Bottom line RUN from antiseptic liquids. They are bad for your skin. They are bad for your body. Except and unless a dermatologist particularly recommends it for you, run from them. Use plain simple soap and water to have your bath. That is 100% effective for cleaning your body.

“What if there are germs in the water?” Actually your body needs those germs to develop a stronger defence system. Your skin has its natural protective system that automatically fights it off. The possibility of germs is NOT an excuse to routinely add antiseptic to bath water.

If you think the bath water may not be safe, boil a hot water till it’s really hot and add that to the rest of your bath water- or simply have a hot water bath- That is a safer, healthier, medically better option to bathing than a routine daily use of antiseptic in bath water.

“What if the water makes me itch?” If water makes you itch, and it does that all the time, an antiseptic is NOT the answer to that. You need to speak to a doctor and find out what exactly is causing it because there are many medical causes to itching.

Sometimes water makes you itch because you tend to itch easily. It is a psychological deception to assume an antiseptic soap or antiseptic in the bath water is the automatic answer to that. Again, let me be quite clear: That is NOT the answer. You have been scammed/deceived.

So are antiseptic liquids totally useless? Of course not. They can be used to clean dirty wounds. They may be recommended ONLY by a DERMATOLOGIST for a SHORT PERIOD of time- if the expert thinks it may help. But ROUTINE DAILY use of antiseptic in bath water is medically unsafe.

“How about babies? Can we use for babies?” No. A capital no. It is NOT necessary for babies, for children or for anyone. The daily routine use of antiseptic in bath water is NOT recommended and is NOT safe medically. Use a simple soap and clean hot water. That’s ALL you need.

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“But nurses ask for it after delivery” It’s unnecessary and those “nurses” are only enforcing a mediocre mentality. Simple soap and water is enough to bath a baby. You can boil the water. But no baby needs to have routine antiseptic in their bath water always. It’s too unsafe.”

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