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Gospel Artiste, Gloria Doyle Reveals How She Lost Her Children And Husband To Her Younger Sister

Gospel Artiste, Gloria Doyle Reveals How She Lost Her Children And Husband To Her Younger Sister

Nigerian gospel artiste, Gloria Doyle has narrated how she was completely blindsided by her ex-husband and her younger sister; both of whom, she discovered rather late were having an affair behind her back.

In an interview with The Nation, Gloria revealed that not only did she lose her husband to her younger sister, she also lost custody of her children when the backstabbing pair connived to leave Nigeria for the United States with her children.

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She shared that they altered her name in traveling documents and replaced with that of her younger sister.

From her account, her ex-husband and younger sister traveled pretending that the latter was the biological mother of her children; she revealed it’s been a struggle trying to get back her kids since then.

She said;

”Their father is an American citizen though he is a Nigerian by birth. He said he wanted the children to come over; I too thought it would be a better opportunity for them.

So, I allowed them to go. It is not that I couldnā€™t have gone, but at that point, what happened was that he was actually having an affair with my younger sister, who is at present living in America through him.

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And when the children were going to America, the documents were altered. My name was removed, while my younger sisterā€™s name replaced mine. So, when it was time for me to go to the US, I was denied visa. .

“I have been denied visa three times now. It has got to a point where a DNA test is required to prove that I am the childrenā€™s mother and that is the point where it is. So, itā€™s only when my children come here that I can think of going to America.

“It has made my travelling out of the country very difficult. And that was the original plan, which was to frustrate me and make me unable to see my children again. But with God, things are looking good.”

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