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Actress, Lilian Afegbai Speaks On Marriage and Career, Plus Why She Chose Her Particular Line Of Business

Actress, Lilian Afegbai Speaks On Marriage and Career, Plus Why She Chose Her Particular Line Of Business

Actress and entrepreneur, Lilian Afegbai, in a new interview with PUNCH has bared her thoughts on a number of subjects including marriage, career and the downside of fame as it affects her. The former Big Brother Africa contestant told Saturday Beats that she once battled depression because she felt she wasn’t making headway in her career, but also spoke about her lingerie business, why she chose her particular line of business, as well as, her firm belief that women don’t require men to be comfortable in their sensuality .

“My journey into the entertainment industry wasn’t really easy. Apparently, when I participated in Big Brother Africa, it gave me a huge platform but upon coming out of the house, I had to struggle to be seen as an entrepreneur.

I remembered a time when I was depressed because I felt I was stagnant and I was finding it hard to do better.

But luckily for me, I had the right people around me to tell me the truth, and they encouraged me on how to go about it.

So far, I cannot help but be thankful for the platforms, my fans, and family for the huge love and support I have got.”

The entrepreneur also opened up on why she started a lingerie business. She said,

I have always had a thing for being sexy even underneath one’s clothes. I sleep with nice lingerie at night.

People have the mindset that one has to have a man to be sexy. I am a huge fan of believing in one’s sensuality.

My lingerie business is helping African women understand that they can be beautiful and sexy underneath their clothes.

You don’t have to wear a shaggy bra to your man’s house or to wherever you are going. My love for lingerie made me start the business.

Every woman is sexy regardless of her size. You just need to know how to channel your sexiness.”

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Recounting her worst social media experience, Afegbai said,

“My worst social media experience was when I came back from Big Brother Africa and I read the awful things people said about me.

I just broke down in tears because those people didn’t really know me or understood me. The things they said really broke my heart.

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I am not a scandalous person. I like to mind my business and focus on my work. I have tried to stay scandal free because I want to get to the top and I want my work to take me far.”

On the kinds of roles she desires to play, she said,

“I look forward to playing the role of a gangster in a movie, jumping from one tall building to the other. However, I have yet to get that kind of role.”

The ambitious actress also insisted that she could never quit her career for any man. She said,

“I won’t consider quitting my career for marriage. Whoever will love me, will love me for everything that I am.

I will complement him and I expect him to complement me too.

I am a producer and entrepreneur; that shows that I am a workaholic”.

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