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Dear MIMsters: Should I End This Farce Of A Marriage Or Give It A Chance?

Dear MIMsters: Should I End This Farce Of A Marriage Or Give It A Chance?

Should I end this farce of a marriage or give it a chance?

I got married in 2017 and we didn’t go for a honeymoon because my husband used the money we realized after the wedding to pay for his parent’s rent. I have been pregnant twice, lost my son after a failed induction and underwent a caesarian section. I have a daughter now via a C-section.

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Early 2018, I noticed my husband was having late-night calls, chats and so on and I confronted him but he denied it. Soon to have sex with him became an issue, he was always complaining that he is tired. He is a rig worker.

But during his time off work, he spends it going out and doesn’t spend time with me. When I complained, he said it’s because he is bored because I go to work. But the days I am off duty, he still finds a way to go out. His attitude towards me is changing. When we have a slight argument, he will give me the silent treatment and will reject my food.

He is always booking appointments with other women. The most recent issue was when his girlfriend called me and said before she got married in December last year, he was doing everything humanly possible to sleep with her, so he spent a lot of money on her.

Meanwhile, he drops only 50k per month our household’s expenditure which includes that baby’s expenses and fueling the generator. His girlfriend said she collected all the gifts and still went ahead to marry another.  My husband then swore to make her marriage miserable.

He went as far as claiming that the baby she’s carrying is his, while she said it’s her husband’s. The day she called me I was on transit with him and he overheard my conversation with her. He ordered me not to see this lady nor her husband. Meanwhile, before she came into the picture, his attitude had become worse.

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He would shout at me over the slightest issue, insult and ignore me. I was deliberating on leaving when this lady called me to warn him to leave her alone. Some of my family members and friends are telling me to reconsider my decision. They argued that he said it out of anger.

What do you think I should do?

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  • Dear Sister,
    I think deep down in your heart, you know what you need to do. He’s obsessing over another woman and his actions show you loud and clear how he feels about you. Maybe walking away will get him to realize what he has and force him to change. If he doesn’t, his loss. He knows you will put up with it and that’s why he try’s to control you when he heard you speaking with his mistress. He should know you guys may speak since he’s a liar. He should be apologizing at your feet for what he has done. Not worth the headache and stress. Plus the dangerous part about cheaters is that they also expose you to STIs. Your health and life is worth more than dealing with him. Easy said then done but I wouldn’t play with my health. Praying it works in your favor.

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