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Learn From The Story Of Nigerian Mum Who Caused Her Young Daughter’s Kidney Disease Through Skin Bleaching

Learn From The Story Of Nigerian Mum Who Caused Her Young Daughter’s Kidney Disease Through Skin Bleaching

In an attempt to lighten their baby’s complexion, many Nigerian mums consider it safe to turn to anti-fungal creams. Mums who engage in such practices consider it a more discreet approach than using actual bleaching creams on their children’s skin, while the less discerning mums go all out to bleach their baby’s skin with harsher products.

One mum has now brought undeserved pain to her young child as a result of the aforementioned; a doctor shared via his Twitter handle.

Twitter-famous Nigerian physician, Dr Bobby Egemba warned of the implication of skin bleaching when he shared via his Twitter handle that a young girl he knows is now battling kidney disease after her mother had been bleaching her skin for over 4 years now.

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The Doctor said the blameworthy mum used to maintain that she was merely toning her daughter’s complexion. Read the doctor’s words below:

I know a woman who started bleaching her daughter for over 4 years (she called it toning) Daughter is currently battling kidney disease.

The harmful chemicals in the bleaching cream have damaged the kidneys

Poor girl now has to battle what she is not directly responsible for.

Another doctor reacting to Dr Egemba’s post wrote the following:


– Hair growth around the areas of the mouth

– Damages the Skin cells – Risk of Skin Cancer

– Damages some nerves & can lead to Numbness

– Damaged cell which result to harden of blood vessels & can lead to high blood pressure

– fatigue – Sensitivity to UV radiation/light – Neurologic symptoms, such as tremor, memory loss, and irritability.

– KIDNEY FAILURE* – Brain damage & can lead be brain Tumor in some of cases.

– skin care irritating & inflammation

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– Aging

My 1 cent ->Stop Bleaching

See his original post:

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