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Nigerian Woman, Chisara, Creates The Most Hilarious Twitter Thread To Highlight The Travails Of The Average Nigerian Wife

Nigerian Woman, Chisara, Creates The Most Hilarious Twitter Thread To Highlight The Travails Of The Average Nigerian Wife

Satire has always been an effective tool to pass message; it relies on sarcasm to effect societal changes and one Nigerian woman, simply identified as Chisara, concerned about the plight of women in marriages in Nigeria is using her gift of writing to expose what she perceives to be wrong with the excessive privileges of married Nigerian men.

So, If you love yourself some good comic relief or just enjoy satire, please follow through thisĀ  post and see why Chisara understandably stepped on the toes of a lot of Nigerian men when she took to her Twitter handle @Chisara14 to write a script that just flipped around the reality of men versus women in Nigerian marriages.

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Much of her thread speaks for itself, so read on.

Read what she wrote below:

I have sent my husband home. I wanted him to go and rest a bit at his mother’s house. I told him to go home and think if he still wants to be in this marriage? That way, I will also think if I will consider him.

I was told that people still travel in this lockdown. Since I couldn’t take his shenanigans anymore, I put him in a bus and sent him home.

You needed to see how he was acting up at the park; crying profusely. I was enjoying my evening when he started making his face like nsi agbara katapult.

As a good wife, I asked if he is okay and he said yes. I told him to go get my food since there wasn’t any problem. He broke down crying. My husband makes me always wonder why men are dramatic? I was gobsmacked.

“I want children” he wailed. Now, I knew where the conversation was heading to. He agonised that he hasn’t impregnated me yet. I still stared at him wondering ihe m ga akpo udi agwa a? I told him to sit down so that we can have a conversation.

He said he preferred to sit at my feet. I sat on the couch, he sat down on the floor close to my feet. “I want kids too but you haven’t given me one. So, what do you expect me to do? My parents are also disturbed. You don’t know how much I shield you from their anger.

If not, my father would have brought another man for me from the village. He would have been here to throw you, your things and your impotency out.

But as a good wife, I have always calmed them. What do you have me do now?” He looked at me with a face soaked with tears.

at the tiled floor, making an imaginary circle with his finger. “What if we visit the doctor and we buy eh eh eh …

I looked at him closely to urge him to finish his sentence. “Please let me finish. It will be from a man (men) who have my features? I mean a man that resembles me.

That way, our child will look like me and no one will suspect.” When he said that, my brain bursted. “You are asking me to do what? What? Me, Chisara go to sperm bank?

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Chineke ekwekwala ihe ojoo.” I stood up and paced around the room while his eyes followed me everywhere I went.

At a point, he rushed and held my feet, I felt his tears dropping on my feet. “Look at me” I said to him. He looked up and I continued.

Follow the full thread below:

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