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Dear MIMsters: How I Wish I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Dear MIMsters: How I Wish I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

I’m in emotional turmoil right now. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time.

I started dating my first boyfriend at the age of 17.

We were so in love, and my family loved him as our mothers were friends and his family also loved me. However, my grandma was of the opinion that we shouldn’t think of marriage because he was just 24. I ignored my grandma’s advice because I thought they will come around.

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When I clocked 19, a rich distant cousin of my boyfriend saw me and wanted to marry me. My family members all accepted him because he was rich. They tried to separate me from my boyfriend by all means. During this tussle, I found out I was pregnant.

I really loved my boyfriend and I knew he loved me, so we resolved to weather the storm and keep the child. He was an only child and in his final year in school. My mom found out about the pregnancy and went to his house to make trouble. Then, she forced me to abort the pregnancy, so the rich guy, his cousin won’t find out.

My boyfriend wanted us to run away but I was scared of how we were going to survive and if our love would truly overcome. I eventually aborted the pregnancy, ended things with my boyfriend, and traveled to the city with his rich cousin.

I succumbed to my mother’s wish because I was standing alone, every member of my family was against my relationship, I was heartbroken and frustrated. The rich cousin never married me because I made him know I will always love my boyfriend. He spoilt me with money but it never worked out.

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When I returned, my boyfriend refused to have anything to do with me because he said it’s an insult for brothers to have anything to do with the same woman. I really loved him and waited for him to take me back. Unknowingly to me, my best friend was feeding him with lies about me and telling me lies about him. She even went to visit him in school many times.

Three years later, I got married to the most amazing husband anyone could ever ask for and we are blessed with 2 sons but I’ve been communicating with my ex-boyfriend on a platonic level. This is 6 years after our separation.

He got married last month, but I’ve been crying and I am heartbroken. I just wish I could turn back the hands of time. My husband knows everything and has been consoling me. But how do I do away with this feeling? My ex says he will always love me but I should now focus on my family. My mother and family have ruined my life and my friend betrayed me. She (my friend) almost ruined my wedding with my husband (a story for another day).

Please, how do I survive this? I feel like dying.

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