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Dear MIMsters: 35 Weeks Pregnant And Abandoned By My Beloved Husband

Dear MIMsters: 35 Weeks Pregnant And Abandoned By My Beloved Husband

I am 35 weeks pregnant but I have been abandoned. I don’t know how best to tell it. But here it is;

I am 27 married to a man 10 years older than I am. He is 37. He had just returned from South Africa where he had been for 19 years and planned to settle down fully in Nigeria. I met him and fell in love with the way he loved me.

It felt as though he was specially made for me, his humor, his sense of reasoning, and he’s a hard worker and a goal-getter. He was serious with me and the relationship.
He wanted to meet my people, to take the relationship to the next level.

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After 6 months of dating, I got pregnant, and he was elated because he had always wanted a child.
So we started wedding plans and we got married.

While we planned the wedding, his business here was already giving him cause for concern as people only want to take advantage of a returnee and milk him dry. He started to react to little things, after which he would apologize and tell me he was going through a lot with work.

So we decided that since his business here isn’t going as expected, he should return to S.A and continue with his business there.

Four days after the wedding, he left. That was the beginning of my problems because he wouldn’t call. Initially, I thought it was because he was busy trying to put things together, so I thought to allow him to settle down.

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Soon, I started to get voice notes, saying he had made a mistake marrying me. Since then things never got better between us. Right now, I am 35 weeks pregnant and abandoned. One penny, he has not given me to buy the baby’s things. He doesn’t care if I am pregnant or not. Not even feeding allowance do I get from him.

To the glory of God, I’m from a good home. I got my family involved and they have been my backbone. I got another apartment that I have moved into and I have bought ALL the baby’s things of my choice.

I wonder if God is still in heaven. I ask how one person will go through this much, I never would have imagined I would fall prey to a man like this. I ask God a lot of questions every day. How my BP is still normal, I wonder. I wonder which of my sins I am paying for?

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I don’t know if it’s some encouragement I need or I just need to let the pains out.

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